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Is Penguiana the Next Big Solana Meme Coin?

The Bitcoin halving has come and gone, and the congestion that plagued the Solana blockchain has gradually eased up and we are now seeing an uptick of new and very innovative projects launching on Solana which shows that the meme coin frenzy is yet to die down.

The Solana ecosystem getting more vibrant than ever and chosen by most Memecoins for its high throughput and low transaction fees and also it’s capability to process thousands of transactions per second at a fraction of the cost is one of the very reasons that Penguiana, is a penguin-themed Meme community is deciding to launch on Solana.

The latest meme coin frenzy, which was initiated by $BONK, $WIF has shown the unpredictable nature of meme-based digital assets as their value can skyrocket in just a matter of hours.

Penguiana: The Penguin-Inspired Solana Meme Coin

As interest in cryptocurrencies grows post-bitcoin halving and meme coin degens are beginning to go all in on speculative investments in meme coins, Penguiana emerges as one project you can’t afford to miss in the Solana meme coin space, with its witty visuals and a potential play to earn game coming up in the next three quarters and launching as a Solana blockchain game and the token presale coming up on this Friday, this is a good opportunity to acquire some $PENGU tokens ahead of the Penguin Playable character NFT mint.

Penguiana seeks to tow a new path unlike other Solana memecoins offering not just hype and promise of insane gains but also utility which is an unheard term in the memecoin ecosystem.

With a strategic marketing partnership with Thecoinrise, a prominent web3 and crypto-focused blog, the prospects of penguiana are enormous as the penguin-themed Solana meme community is not just a meme project but also a fast growing DAO.

60% of the total 100 million $PENGU token supply is allocated to the presale, and the other 30% to LP provisioning and marketing.

At the presale rate, 1 SOL will net you a total of 20,000 $PENGU tokens.

There’s a minimum buy of 0.5 SOL and a maximum buy of 100 SOL.

After the presale, LP will be provided on Raydium by pairing the $PENGU token with $SOL at a price point 50% higher than the presale.

This initiative would put the presale participants at a 50% unrealised returns making the $PENGU token as attractive while also promoting market stability.

You can join the Penguiana Telegram & Discord communities to stay updated on any upcoming announcements including the $PENGU token presale, which is scheduled to kick off this Friday, 3rd of May, 2024.

Visit the Penguiana website to learn more about the upcoming presale and its nitty gritty details.

The Penguiana presale presents a unique opportunity for substantial upside potential as crypto investors, from seasoned to newcomers, can purchase the $PENGU token with $SOL for a limited amount of time before it is listed on Raydium at a 1.5X price.

All the details are provided in the above content, for any further inquiry, users can follow the given links below.

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