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Is a scam or legit?

As internet influence has grown drastically, it invites online scams too. Many scammers hunt for innocent online users and offer fake investment ventures or online stores. The worst part is that the internet enables these scammers to operate and make false deals worldwide without revealing their identities. At this time when the whole world relies on internet facilities, it is critical to spot them and punish them for their acts. One of the scams that have been observed these days is with Let’s dig in and find out what Orecrypto is and whether the rumor of the scam is true.

What is ORE?

ORE (Order Revealing Encryption) is a critical cryptography fundamental in exploring the searchable encryption process. It allows an impressive range of searches, threshold filtering, and sorting of encrypted data. ORE blockchain supports decentralized assets, rights, and identification.ORE enables individuals to use blockchain technology wherever they are present. Everybody and anywhere would use blockchain technology due to ORE’s cross-chain collaboration with Ethereum, Algorand, EOS, and other platforms.

Background of ORE:

ORE is a concept that has been inherited from the technique named Order Preserving Encryption (OPE). OPE was first put out as a method to allow effective range queries on encrypted data. However, these techniques could have been safer and leaked many unnecessary details from their plaintexts. Despite OPE’s inherent constraints, ORE provides a solution for range queries on encrypted data.

ORE applications can easily connect to the off-chain environment and work across blockchains. Instead of making pools of capital on offline accounts and blockchains, users can control their rights and assets via a single account. 

Orecrypto. com-Company Rating:

The company’s owner’s website name is not mentioned on the website, which reveals that he is trying to hide his identity. Therefore it also makes it hard to identify the company’s real owner. This suspicious act of hiding their identity resulted in a lower score. 

This website isn’t active right now. Websites are usually only briefly used by scammers. After that, they either try to sell the domain name or decide not to renew it. In such a scenario, it becomes once more available to other users.

Website Analysis: 

As per Tranco, has a low Tranco rank. It indicates that there have few visitors to the website. It is what you can anticipate from new, small, and niche websites. Although, Alexa’s ranking must be high to become popular among others.

Technical Analysis:  

Businesses use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate to encode communication between the website and your PC. The SSL certificate of this company is valid. Various levels of certification are available, and scammers can install a free SSL certificate easily. Only submit your data if you must ensure that an SSL certificate protects it.

Bad Reviews: has received many negative comments from its clients. This is where we can clearly state that this website is a scam!! Most users claim that they lost all of their money after trusting website workers. Upon Rating, they have given only one star to the company. Therefore, We can assume how big scammers they were. 

Ways to protect Cryptocurrency:

These are a few warning signs to avoid cryptocurrency scams.

  • They promise to give you free money.
  • Accept Cryptocurrency as payment. 
  • Contractual obligations.
  • Promises to double your capital or offer you significant gains.
  • Try to manipulate with blackmail or extortion. 
  • Scammer alert if you find misspellings or grammatical errors in the post, emails, etc.
  • Offer multiple transactions in one day.
  • They need to mention more details about money rolling and investment.
  • Manipulate with celebrity endorsements or fake influencers that don’t seem genuine.

Protect your investment and digital wallets from fraud by choosing a strong password, using secured VPNs, choose secure and safe storage. Wallets are of 2 types: Digital and hardware. Digital wallets require internet connections and have a high chance of getting hacked. On the other hand, hardware wallets save information like cryptocurrency keys and wallets. It remains active when your device is offline. 


Keep your wallet keys and passcode private from everyone. Cryptocurrency is not backed by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), so it is vital to keep it safe. is a website that lookup at all these crypto scams and ensures each client has a secure investment. 

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