Is Online Transcription Safe?


Listening and writing down notes from almost inaudible recordings from a dictaphone was a difficult task in the past. Technology has allowed for the creation of transcription apps and websites which quickly turns an audio version of a text into a written one. 

Uploading information to a transcription website or a transcription app may seem convenient. Still, even with this convenience, people cannot help but wonder if the process of uploading personal information is entirely safe.

How online transcription works

In case you are wondering how online transcription works, here is a detailed explanation; first, there are three types of transcription services:

1) Computer-driven systems use AI technology and a machine to learn and process the audio text. Computer-driven systems are the most common of all since standard companies like do offer these services. Either of the above methods involved converting voice to elements of language by breaking the waves into small fragments. Artificial intelligence comes in handy to produce a text from what the algorithm has studied from the voice. The computer-driven methods are the cheapest and hence less accurate.

2) People driven system, which involves having humans listen and write down the translation of the audio text to written text. This one appears to be the most expensive since it involves much more work. This system involves platforms with certified transcribers, and one can get connected to either of them. There is an option of hiring a freelance transcriber’s 

3) Combination of computers and human-driven systems, which, according to its name, involves both for effective translation. In this case, the initial work is done by artificial intelligence, while the rest of the polishing is done by a professional transcriber.

Are online transcription services safe?

Most factors have been filtered out that might term online transcription services unsafe. To get your information transcribed, there is no option than to entrust the data to either the app you choose to use or the transcribed of your choice. 

You should do your due diligence on the service you want to use to rule out any reason clearly outlined that you should not trust them. In this case, you might want to check out reviews on websites and transcribers.

To choose a good service that you will be comfortable with, researching the company to see if they have had any previous cases of a breach of privacy is important. Another important step would be to carefully go through the privacy policy, which you should expect to see how your conversations’ privacy is handled. 

The AI transcription industry also requires human involvement to ensure the accuracy and excellent qualities of their services; hence there might be a breach of information from these third parties. For extremely private conversations, it would be to do your research on the company you choose to use or a private transcribed person who might use the traditional method of listening and writing.

How to ensure you are working with a safe transcription service provider

  • Look out for Https encryption. The ‘S‘ at the end means that the website has been vetted and is secure. Check out if the website has ISO accreditations which shows that the website has gone through specific international standards and has been approved if you are sourcing for transcription services online. Check the entire encryption policies to ensure that the site you choose is not operating at subpar standards that might prove there might be a weak point to lead to the leaking of information.
  • Another trick is to get yourself a more expensive service provider. The one who charges more might be paying more for security purposes and also might be offering a far much better service. It would be better to pay more for better services with higher levels of security.
  • Using local transcribers will reduce the risk margin compared to international transcription services. Offshore accounts might not serve the level of accountability and enforce policies you might require to assure you of the security of your data.


The most important thing to do before getting your information out there is to do detailed research on your transcription offers. It is essential to check out their privacy policies to feel at ease as you send them your conversations. Create a budget that will assist in hiring a worthwhile transcription service provider.

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