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Is NCERT Books enough to Crack CUET?

Nowadays, for getting admission to their desired university, the CUET exam is getting

more popular day by day and is also an important exam for the 12th students as you

will get admission based on these entrance marks. If you are an aspiring candidate

of CUET and preparing for the entrance exam, this article will help you in your

preparation. The given tips may help you in the preparation; for preparation, many

people recommend many books. Every institute has its separate book material, but only

the NCERT is enough to crack the entrance; let’s look at the academic strength of the


Choosing the best books

The key to cracking any entrance, particularly the CUET exam, is to choose the right

study material and reference books. For the students, it is best to ask their seniors or

teacher for advice and work according to that. At the same time, they can choose the

NCERT book to get the right information and tips for the entrance and help them to

cover all chapters according to the syllabus.

What are NCERT books?

The concept of this book is made by the authority of CBSE (Central board of secondary

education) and published by the National council of educational research and training.

These books are commonly used as a textbook in schools all over India.

Benefits of NCERT books

For the qualitative improvement of the education system in the schools and other

educational institutes, the government set up NCERT as the autonomous body to advise

and assist the state and central government. This support body provides guidance and

support to the different institutes that are involved in educational research, curriculum

development, and teacher training. The main and important thing is that they provide

the textbook for the guidance and reference of the school education. And which is

enough to crack any entrance like CUET.

They provide quality content in the books, which is a good source of information for the

CUET syllabus and the concepts for the entrance. They publish the book and reprint it

from time to time; they make updates and changes in the books to give the required

knowledge and information and add chapters if it is on the CUET syllabus but was

previously off the NCERT book. There needs to be more than just reading the books; you

need to practice it thoroughly, and for that, the NCERT book provides different practice

questions and exercises for the students. And top of that, buying an NCERT book is not

as expensive as any other book from any publisher.

Is this enough?

To crack CUET, surely NCERT books are the best help guide and good support material

for reference, but students should only partially depend on this; they should use this as

a resource, not the only resource. Besides these, students should look for other books,

online resources, mock exam papers, previous year’s questions, and any study material

available on the internet that are helpful to the student in their goal. Besides all these, to

guide them properly, they just need a tutor or qualified person to help them with all

this. And guide them in choosing the right material for individual chapters according to

the syllabus.

Making a schedule

Nothing will work if you don’t read them and if you have a proper schedule. It is okay to

have a few books but not read them. Students have to make sure that they make the

most out of the books without any time and gather as much knowledge as they need.

For that, they should first think of how many hours they want to study, prepare a

routine, and stick to the schedule.

Then divide the chapter into topics and how many times they should cover those topics

and the syllabus as soon as possible and do the revision of the topic, which will give the

student extra time to practice. So to crack any entrance like CUET, you just need a plan

and should strictly follow those to get the best result.

Everyone is trying to get a higher mark at the entrance, for they are trying to find the

best book possible to help them crack the entrance. Practice and understanding the

problems will help you crack the entrance, and you need a good reference book before

all that; you should thoroughly know the pattern and the entrance exam syllabus. And

as per the NCERT book, they are just a valuable resource that will give you a certain

reference for studying, but you also need more study material to successfully crack the

entrance exam.

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