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Is MetaProfit Legit or Scam?

MetaProfit is a new and highly reputable crypto trading system. The system reportedly generates the most profitable way to invest in crypto.

MetaProfit uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate crypto speculation. It places bets on highly volatile crypto assets using financial derivatives known as CFDs. MetaProfit is quite easy to use since it automates all trading.

It’s also affordable since the minimum trading balance is USD250. Moreover, there are no registration or transaction fees. But is MetaProfit a scam or a genuine crypto trading system? We have investigated the bot for you and presented the findings here.

You should take the time to read this MetaProfit review before getting started. Feel free to post any questions not discussed in this review in the comment section.

Type of robot Fully automated
Minimum deposit USD250
Deposit methods Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin, etc
Free withdrawals Up to ten every month
Maximum amount per transaction USD20,000
Trading platforms Web and mobile
Customer support 24/5
Partner broker regulation Tier one regulation
Platforms safety Military-grade encryption

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What is MetaProfit?

Automated trading refers to the use of an intelligent computer program to conduct trading functions.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has enabled machines to conduct complex tasks better than humans. There are many automated trading systems today most of which offer traditional assets trading.

An automated trading system is also known as a trading robot. The best trading robots are known to deliver superior returns. Some are so powerful that they can generate a fortune from a small investment. MetaProfit is the most powerful trading robot for crypto.

This trading robot has been trending for the best part of 2022. MetaProfit has reportedly undergone rigorous expert testing and is confirmed to be super profitable. We have gone through MetaProfit reviews on Trustpilot and other sites and confirmed the high-level profitability.

We rate this bot among the most reputable auto-trading systems in the whole industry. MetaProfit is reportedly reviewed thousands of times daily. The feedback remains positive with many reporting to be making good profits with this platform.

MetaProfit has an active Reddit community with tens of thousands of members. The MetaProfit Reddit threads are a good resource for anyone looking for feedback from its verified users. You can try MetaProfit now or read on for more information.

Is MetaProfit a Scam? The Test Results!

We have subjected MetaProfit to rigorous testing to ascertain if it’s legit. Our legitimacy tests confirm that this auto-trading bot can be trusted.

We have tested MetaProfit by analyzing the testimonials from its users. For accuracy, we have used a powerful AI-powered sentiment analysis tool. From the analysis, it’s evident that MetaProfit is transparent, profitable, easy to operate, and safe.

We didn’t find any complaint relating to information disclosure. MetaProfit has reportedly made all the disclosures that matter on its official site. The sentiment analysis also shows that most of its users are profitable.

Most of MetaProfit reviewers claim that it has outperformed their expectations. As stated previously, this auto-trading software is the most profitable in 2022. The testimonials also show that MetaProfit is easy to operate. It doesn’t matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced trader since all trading is automated.

We find MetaProfit to be highly affordable when compared to other trading robots. You won’t pay anything to sign up with it. Moreover, the minimum needed to start trading is USD250. MetaProfit won’t charge you any fees until you are profitable.

MetaProfit Scam trading robots
Verified performance track record Unverified profitability claims
Transparent trading environment Operates in vagueness
Secure trading platforms Unsecured website and platform
Great reputation Many complaints
Straightforward withdrawals Vague withdrawal process/ a lot of complaints
Regulated brokers Sham offshore brokers
Easily reachable customer support Unreachable customer support

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MetaProfit Features

This trading bot is arguably the most advanced in the entire automated trading industry. MetaProfit claims to leverage the power of quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver superior returns to investors.

The robot is entirely automated and therefore quite easy to use. Trading with MetaProfit is easy for those who are patient enough to follow instructions. The instructions are in plain language and therefore quite easy to follow.

We have gone through many MetaProfit reviews and it’s evident that the majority of its users are happy with it. The key features of MetaProfit are explained in detail below.

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Superior performance

MetaProfit is a super performer with a daily profitability rate of up to 95%. The robot is reportedly more profitable in high volatility. High volatility is defined by the price shifts of an asset.  MetaProfit uses sophisticated trading techniques to make money in price gains and falls. These include a technique known as short-selling.

Multiple tradable assets

MetaProfit is a multi-asset trading system. The platform gives you exposure to over 25 popular cryptos and 12 fiat currencies. MetaProfit trades cryptos through derivatives known as Contract for Differences (CFDs). The robot reportedly trades up to 160 crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat CFDs pairs.

Leveraged trading

MetaProfit superior performance is attributed to its trading leverage. This robot implement trades at a leverage of up to 5000:1. This leverage is provided by the underlying brokers. In layman’s terms, leverage is a form of debt capital offered by the broker to help you trade big with little capital.

Easy to operate trading system

You have nothing to worry about if you are new to trading. MetaProfit is beginner-friendly. You only need to watch the robots trading guide video and familiarize yourself with the platform through the demo. Trading with the MetaProfit app should be a breeze if you have taken your time to prepare. As little as 40 minutes is enough to fully familiarize yourself with MetaProfit.

Seamless withdrawal process

MetaProfit allows you to withdraw your money whenever you want. You have up to 10 free withdrawals every month. The maximum you can withdraw in a single transaction is $20,000. This means that you can withdraw up to $200,000 per month for free. The withdrawal process is self-explanatory. Your money should reflect in your account within a few hours.

Safe trading environment

You have a safety guarantee when you invest with MetaProfit. Your data is protected through military-grade encryption protocols. Moreover, MetaProfit is adherent to the GDPR data privacy law and hence your data is only used for the intended purpose. MetaProfit offers a highly secure billing system. Moreover, the robot works with regulated brokers.

Multiple trading platforms

You can use MetaProfit through any web browser on mobile and on desktop. However, for security reasons we recommend Safari, Chrome, Brave, or Mozilla. MetaProfit also offers a hybrid app to be used on any mobile device. The hybrid app is a web app in a native app shell.

How does MetaProfit compare with other trading robots?

MetaProfit has a history of delivering above market rate returns. The majority of its reviewers describe it as amazingly profitable. Experts conclude that MetaProfit is the most profitable auto-trading system in 2022.

This trading system can reportedly generate a fortune out of an investment of as little as USD250. Some of MetaProfit’s users claim to apply the reinvestment strategy on the bot to grow their accounts to over $1 million.

We have compared MetaProfit with many other trading bots on the web and concluded that it’s a super performer. This trading bot has reportedly won many performance awards. Find a comparison of MetaProfit with other trading bots below.

MetaProfit Other Trading bots
Proven performance track record Unproven performance claims
Free signup slots Requires a registration fee
Affordable minimum trading capital requirement High minimum trading balance requirements
Up to 10 free withdrawals per month Withdrawal charges of up to 5% of the withdrawn amount
Zero signup fees Registration fees of up to USD10,000

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How to use MetaProfit

MetaProfit is always introducing new features to make trading easier and more exciting. This trading bot was developed to help the masses trade crypto CFDs easily.

Consequently, it’s super easy to operate for the beginner. Most of the verified reviewers report that it offers a game-like trading experience. This means that you will not only make good profits but you will also enjoy the process.

You have nothing to worry about if you are on a tight schedule since you only need a few minutes to set it for live trading. Let MetaProfit do the heavy lifting for you as you proceed with your daily activities.

We have explained the simple steps to get you started with MetaProfit below. Follow these steps closely to get the best results with this auto-trading system.

Signup with MetaProfit

Visit the MetaProfit site here and use the provided form to register an account. Ensure that you provide accurate information since you will be required to verify it in the next step.

Providing inaccurate details during this step could lead to account suspension during verification. Secure your MetaProfit account by completing the password creation process. This bot offers tips to help you create a strong password.

Verify your MetaProfit account

Verifying your MetaProfit account happens through an assigned broker. The broker will be assigned on completing the signup.

MetaProfit partner brokers are tier-one and therefore strictly observes the global financial regulations. Among these regulations is the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement. This law requires all deposit-taking platforms to verify the identity of their clients.

Upload a photo of your Identity Card as instructed by the broker. The verification may take up to 12 hours but you can proceed to the other steps. You can trade on an unverified MetaProfit account but you won’t be allowed to withdraw.

Fund your MetaProfit account

Funding your account is also quite straightforward. You need to invest a minimum of USD250 to trade with MetaProfit.

The account funding happens through the broker. MetaProfit partner brokers allow users to fund their accounts through any of the globally recognized methods. These include Visa, MasterCard, Wire, WebMoney, and Skrill.

Some of the MetaProfit partner brokers may also allow deposits through crypto-wallets. Your money will reflect on your MetaProfit trading account instantly. There are no deposit charges with most of the accepted methods.

Trade on the MetaProfit demo account

The MetaProfit demo account allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform without risking your trading capital.

Use the MetaProfit demo to try out various settings. Please dedicate enough time to test different risk levels before proceeding to live trading. Watch the provided trading tutorial video to understand the risk management process.

The MetaProfit demo is described as super accurate. It reportedly provides a perfect simulation of the real-time trading experience.

Start making money with MetaProfit

You could be profitable from the first minute of running the MetaProfit software. Some of its users have reported generating profits from the first minute of trading.

As explained earlier, you could a small investment of USD250 into a fortune if you take the compounding route. Some of MetaProfit users claim to use the compounding strategy to generate a fortune out of such a small investment.

You could be a success story within a short time of trading with MetaProfit if you follow the trading rules. However, do not take profitability is assured. There is a possibility of generating losses especially if you ignore to follow the trading instructions.

MetaProfit in the news

The MetaProfit software has been an internet sensation for months. This auto-trading robot is among the most popular despite being founded only a few months ago.

MetaProfit is trending on Twitter and Facebook with thousands of users coming forward and sharing their experience with the bot. Moreover, the robot is reviewed by top experts on high traffic publications.

The feedback from the expert reviewers is amazing. MetaProfit popularity has unfortunately made it a prime target for fake news.  The fake news posts are meant to mislead people into signing up on cloned sites.

These sites are used to steal your personal information to perpetrate cyberattacks. Avoid fake news by always counterchecking information before registration. Use the MetaProfit scam detector to identify the cloned sites. Read on for more information on the fake news targeting the MetaProfit software.

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MetaProfit Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the most followed personality in the crypto trading circles. He is the world’s richest man and one of the celebrities that have expressed their love for crypto.

Elon Musk is also a lover of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has reportedly committed billions of dollars in AI-related projects. Some fake news posts claim that MetaProfit is an invention of Elon Musk.

However, this is a big fat lie. MetaProfit is owned and operated by a seasoned B2C and B2B trading software company.

MetaProfit Mark Zukerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a co-founder and the CEO of Facebook. Facebook is owned and operated by a social media company known as Meta.

Some rumours claim that the MetaProfit trading software is owned by this company. However, these claims are fake news. MetaProfit has nothing to do with Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook. Moreover, MetaProfit is not dedicated to trading Facebook stock as some of the posts on the web allege.

MetaProfit Review – Final Word!

We have put MetaProfit through enough tests to confirm its legitimacy. There is enough proof on the web to show that this robot is genuine and reliable.

This proof includes tens of thousands of reviews from verified MetaProfit users. We have used a powerful reviews analysis tool to measure the feedback. From the analysis of reviews, it’s evident that over 90% of Meta Profit users are profitable.

Moreover, over 90% claim that it’s completely beginner-friendly. As explained previously, no trading skill is required to trade with MetaProfit. MetaProfit is available in over 160 countries. All the supported countries allow retail crypto CFDs trading.

We can also confirm that MetaProfit is affordable. Unlike most other robots, this trading bot allows you to get started with as little as USD250. You can invest more money but not more than you can afford to lose.

MetaProfit doesn’t charge registration fees. Only a 2% commission will be deducted from your account. This is amazing since this trading bot’s top competitors charge a commission of up to 20% on top of a signup fee of up to $10,000.

You should try your luck with MetaProfit now by registering an account here. Remember that trading crypto on leverage is risky and hence only invest what you can afford to lose.


Is MetaProfit legit?

MetaProfit is legitimate given the level of transparency and quality of its partner brokers. The information on their site and the reviews by experts is enough proof of its genuineness and reliability.

Does MetaProfit offer a trading app?

The MetaProfit web trader is also available in the HTML5 version. This means that it can install on Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones like an app. This trading bot is yet to introduce a native mobile app.

How do I download the MetaProfit trading app?

You will only access the MetaProfit app download link after the deposit. Navigate to the bottom of the trading resources page and click on the download link. You can also use the link attached in the welcome email to download.

How much does MetaProfit cost?

MetaProfit is free today but this doesn’t mean that a fee won’t be introduced in the future. Most expert reviewers encourage signing up now before the fee is introduced. You will enjoy the free trading license for life if you signup today.

How do I withdraw profits from MetaProfit?

MetaProfit is said to offer a fast withdrawal process. The withdrawal process includes filling out a request form on the funds’ management page. You should receive your funds within five hours of sending the withdrawal request.

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