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Is Legit? Legit? is a scam and it is not legit and only can help users recover lost

Online earning is a fascinating term for the majority of people; many people are looking for ways to earn money online because online earning is portrayed as the easiest and most convenient way to earn a good amount of money. Online earning phenomena have been boosted and spread through extensive marketing and PR activities. Although it is possible to earn money online, behind all this, there are many scammers out there ready to scam innocent people who are looking to earn money online. Recently, the cryptocurrency industry has fascinated people the most. People were investing money in different cryptocurrencies and were getting impressive returns. Because of such huge demand, more new cryptocurrencies were introduced, and many new crypto trading platforms. Among such trading platforms, the most prominent were Binance ,  Coinbase Exchange, Kraken, and many more. However, because of so many increasing cases of scamming and theft, a legit solution is available to recover your lost money, iis-refunds.

“Yes, iis-refunds are legit. If you are looking for professional funds

recovery service online, Intelligence Investigation services are the best

professional recovery service online. will help you recover any investment lost to stock trading, cryptocurrency, and binary options scams. If you in any way got scammed, or anyone you know got scammed through this online website, you should check out to get back your lost money.

Apart from this, there is also a crypto trading platform called This article will look into the legitimacy of

What is is an online cryptocurrency trading platform that facilitates people to buy and sell their crypto assets and provides multiple investment schemes. provides real-time cryptocurrency market values. This website also provides information about the daily trading volume of the whole market for investors to look into marketing trends and analyse them. People can easily invest their money using their marketing tools and provide a wallet facility for users to store their money. There is also 24/7 customer support available to solve any person’s query or solve their problem. Company Rating:

The first thing you will notice when visiting the website is the email, or any owner’s identity needs to be provided. Although there might be a reason behind it, owner identification or information is essential for any website, especially for money-related websites. The trust factor is affected by the absenteeism of owner information.

The company website claims to provide easy profits, which raises questions and risks for any person. Before investing, it is highly advised to research thoroughly about this website.

Despite the company being very young, the number of reviews is very high, which increases suspiciousness about the company. 

Website Review:

Despite being a comparatively new website, the Trinco ranking of could be much higher, which is very rare. Multiple websites on the same server as, with a low trust score. Because of this reason, can be put into the low-trust category. 

Many cryptocurrency-related websites provide inaccurate information, and it is tough to identify which is accurate. Later many proved to be scams, so it is highly advised to research how to identify if the site is fake or a scam.

Technical Review:

The website uses the same facilities used by many low-trusted websites, increasing concerns. uses payment methods that allow the company to stay unknown, which is shady considering money is involved in the transaction. The main con of such a payment method is that there is accountability and getting your money back is challenging. 

Bad reviews:

Many websites have given negative reviews about There are websites like on which people give reviews about the company and services; on those websites, has received many negative reviews.


The first recommendation would be to trust any website carefully and thoroughly research the website and services before investing.

The second recommendation is to check out real-time reviews and rankings of the website to identify scammers and fraud. 

The third recommendation is to get sufficient financial knowledge before making any financial decisions, especially before investing in cryptocurrency. 

The last recommendation is if you get scammed by such scammers, always go for a reliable and trusted refund website to recover your loss. is one of the best websites available for any recovery-related situation; you should try and recover your money quickly.



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