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Is It Worth Taking A Course In Fashion Marketing?


Fashion Marketing is an upcoming specialized discipline that involves communicating with both existing as well potential customers about fashion products like clothing, accessories, etc. in order to not only build brands as well as communicate the brand’s core values but also encourage purchases. 

In order to reach the target audience, Fashion marketing utilizes varied marketing tools including online & offline advertising to promotional events. Fashion Marketing utilizes a more focused approach as compared to normal marketing. Basis parameters like age, region, location, socio-cultural factors, occasion, incomes etc., segment the market and then craft individual strategy as per the varied set of target customers.

 Furthermore, fashion marketer must keep abreast with current fashion trends as well as consumer tastes and preferences and accordingly customize the marketing strategy. Due to the pandemic-induced forced changes, evolving customer preferences, the job of a fashion marketer has become even more critical since they are accountable for not only growth and incremental sales but also profitability. 

Skills required:

  • A good head for business: Fashion Marketer must have a business-savvy mindset, so as to understand the ensuing market scenario and fashion trends and craft sales and marketing strategies. Simultaneously it also entails analyzing the ROI and deciphering what worked and apply in subsequent efforts the learning about what didn’t work. 
  • Creative mind: Fashion marketers must come up with innovative marketing strategies so as to stand out in the extremely competitive fashion industry and capture the target audience’s mind. 
  • Curiosity & Passion for Fashion: You must be passionate enough to keep abreast with the latest fashion trends as well as the modern production techniques and varied materials available in the market. Besides this, an eye for colours, textures along with an understanding of fabrics will take you a long way in the fashion world. 
  • Networking skills along with an outgoing personality will help you establish relationships as well as communicate and collaborate with various teams and stakeholders. 
  • Multitasking capabilities with time management skills will help in adhering to deadlines 

Fashion Marketing Courses:

On completion of your Fashion Marketing course, the following are some of the opportunities you will be able to apply for: 

  • Marketing/Brand Manager: You are accountable for revenue, hence having to ensure sales. To achieve this objective, you need to come up with appropriate online as well as offline marketing strategies to build brand awareness as well as brand preference, communicate brand positioning, engage consumers and build brand loyalty. In addition, you are also responsible to not only sustain, but also increasing market share along with developing a pricing strategy. 
  • Online Social Media Manager:  The pandemic has further hastened the adoption of the online medium. With people spending increased time online, it has become imperative for companies to enhance spending on the digital platform. You will be the go-to person to lead the digital initiatives-Drive online traffic, sales, and inquiries.  
  • Event Manager: The role of an event manager is of utmost importance since his services are required to be present as well as sell the collection to the prospective buyer. You will be responsible to come up with a theme for fashion shows or organize trade shows or also introduce the fashion designer to the world by highlighting his designs. This will help earn the brand loyalty of customers as well as build a premium image of the company. 
  • Sales Manager:  As a sales Manager, you will be responsible for increasing sales, conversions of walk-ins as well as inquiries, building strong brand loyalty, and ensuring repeat purchases. You will be required to keep a tab on customer demand, predict sales and arrange for stocks fulfillment at various retail outlets. 
  • International Program Manager: He strategizes for global expansion. 

So, register now for an exciting lucrative career in Fashion Marketing.  

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