Is It Worth It to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Is It Worth It to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Is It Worth It to Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

From seeing crypto as an asset to perhaps seeking a mentor, here are 13 answers to the question, “Is it worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2023? Why or why not?”

  • Yes, It is An Asset
  • Yes, if You Like Gambling
  • Yes, but Crypto Trading is Volatile
  • Yes, Prices Are at Rock Bottom
  • No, Look for Alternatives
  • Maybe, Are You in It for the Short Term Or Long Term?
  • Yes, Crypto Markets Are Showing Signs of Recovery
  • Yes, Crypto is Worth It, but You Have to Do Your Homework
  • No, Hold Off for Now
  • No, It May Not Be Worth It
  • Yes, Especially if You Are New to the Market
  • No, if You’re a Novice
  • Maybe, Talk With a Financial Professional

Yes, It is an Asset

Yes, I believe investing in cryptocurrencies is worth it in 2023. As someone who has been interested in cryptocurrencies for some time, I am always researching and following the crypto markets. 

Despite the fluctuations of this relatively new asset class, I have seen a steady increase in prices over the past few years. With more governments and businesses expected to accept digital currencies over the coming years, now may be the right time to invest in various crypto coins. Exciting opportunities await those who can spot potential winners and get in on the ground floor.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

Yes, if You Like Gambling

Investing in an asset as volatile as cryptocurrencies will depend on your unique financial situation. If you have disposable income that you are prepared to lose, it could be an exciting and potentially rewarding investment.

But if you are counting on crypto to get rich quick, like any investment, you should avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. Hinging your retirement on an investment with such a tumultuous track record would probably be unwise, but treating it like a form of gambling would be a more judicious approach. When you’re winning big, it might be time to cash out!

Gates Little, President and CEO, altLINE Sobanco

Yes, but Crypto Trading is Volatile

The cryptocurrency industry is really volatile. In fact, Bitcoin, probably the most “stable” cryptocurrency, has an annualized volatility rate of 81 percent.

This is why I believe that if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, it’s quite risky. You’re much better off investing in yourself by starting a side hustle or investing in real estate or stocks.

However, if you have a bit of money and can afford to lose it, cryptocurrency might be for you. By diversifying your portfolio and choosing a reputable exchange, you’ll be able to see long-term growth.

Scott Lieberman, Owner, Touchdown Money

Yes, Prices Are at Rock Bottom

Cryptocurrencies can be an attractive investment opportunity when prices are at rock bottom. Buying when prices are low can offer the potential for higher returns when the market recovers. 

For example, let’s say that the price of Bitcoin has dropped significantly and is now at its lowest point in several years. An investor believing in Bitcoin’s long-term potential may see this as an opportunity to buy in at a lower price point because they believe the price will eventually rise again. While there is no guarantee that this will happen, buying in at a low point can be smart for those willing to take on the risk.

Ariel Westphal, Marketing Director, Net Pay Advance

No, Look for Alternatives

The world of cryptocurrency has been through some rocky times as of late. The collapse of crypto exchange FTX, its subsequent bankruptcy, and the arrest of the CEO have led to instability in the field and ever-increasing governmental scrutiny. 

As we are aware, the value of cryptocurrencies plummeted for a while, and although they are slowly recovering, it could be some considerable time before they reach their previous heights. 

This all means that they can no longer be considered a safe investment. There may be some small profits to be made, and no one can predict the future, but your money may be in a better position to work for you in other areas such as stocks, bonds, or high-interest accounts. 

If you can invest for the longer term, or if you are prepared to take a loss, it may be worth a small investment in cryptocurrency, but I would recommend avoiding it for the time being and looking for a safer alternative home for your cash.

Colin Palfrey, Chief Marketing Officer, Crediful

Maybe, Are You in It for the Short Term or Long Term?

It depends on the period of time in 2023—since one year is 365 days, and crypto won’t just stay at the same level throughout the duration. Buy crypto when it is low, and keep it for the long run because that’s when it is the most profitable. If you are not ready to be investing for more than five years, then it’s best to put crypto off for now unless you’re experienced and are comfortable in the short runs. 

Because despite the awful periods that cryptocurrencies have experienced in the past year, generally speaking, crypto is expected to go up anyway. With Bitcoin expected to be reaching over $175,000 in 2030, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking at the bigger picture, then it is worth investing now when it’s sitting at $23,000. Especially after considering the fact that most cryptocurrencies follow Bitcoin’s patterns.

Derek Sall, Founder and Financial Expert, Life and My Finances

Yes, Crypto Markets Are Showing Signs of Recovery

Personally, I say yes. After proving its capacity to recover, there is no doubt that crypto is still a viable investment option that shouldn’t be underestimated. There is a reason why investors and analysts have high hopes for the crypto market this 2023. 

Following a prolonged bear market in 2020 when the pandemic caused an economic crash worldwide, crypto markets are giving strong signals of a potential reversal to the upside, which analysts are anticipating to be sometime this year.

Mark Woodbury, Co-founder, Minerva Equity

Yes, Crypto is Worth It, but You Have to Do Your Homework

It can be worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies, but people need to do their homework about which ones. Coins are based on what is called consensus mechanisms, which are used to verify the transactions. A cryptocurrency that is based on proof-of-work, such as Bitcoin, is costly to use because it consumes a lot of power. This makes it an unappealing option for governments or other industries to adopt, which can make it a risky investment long-term for the average person.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies that use more eco-friendly mechanisms may have more growth potential. People who want to invest in cryptocurrencies should look carefully at how much potential for utility the coin has.

Hamid Pishdadian, CEO and Co-founder, SQE Holdings

No, Hold Off for Now

In my opinion, it is not worth investing in cryptocurrencies right now because of the recent challenges across this space. Things have been up and down, and because of the fact that this industry hasn’t been around for that long, no one is sure what will happen.

At least for the stock market, people can look at previous challenging times and see what happened. With cryptocurrencies, this cannot be done, and it makes it difficult to predict what will happen.

For this reason, I recommend people hold off on investing in cryptocurrencies for now. Once we know more, then you can begin investing in this space again, but just not yet.

Shaun Connell, Founder and CEO, Credit Building Tips

No, It May Not Be Worth It

It may not be worth it to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2023 if you’re an uncertain investor. Cryptocurrency has a lot of potential, but it also comes with a lot of danger. There is currently no way to predict whether cryptocurrencies will be successful, and there is always a chance that you could lose any money you invest. If money is tight, now may not be the best time to buy. 

Additionally, this investment is infamous for having high volatility. Even in good times, it can experience drastic ups and downs. It’s understandable that not all investors have the stomach for cryptocurrency. If you know you’d lose sleep over that level of risk, you might be better off trying to stick to stocks for now. Because the future of cryptocurrencies is uncertain, your decision to invest now will be largely influenced by your risk tolerance and personal choices. But if a rebound is on the way, right now may be one of the best opportunities to buy.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Yes, Especially if You Are New to the Market

The cryptocurrency market is back on the rise again, making it a worthwhile investment for people looking to get into the market this year. Additionally, the Biden administration has recently been focusing on making plans to regulate the market, which could improve its security.

After the bear market that happened in late 2020, the market is now showing signs of life. Even though both Bitcoin and Ethereum have logged their worst annual performance since 2018, they are still up by 40% and 36% in February, respectively. Due to this, a lot of investors are optimistic that the market will make a bull run this year.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, the intentions of the government to regulate the crypto market can be a huge plus. Aside from increasing the legitimacy of the market, regulations can also protect investors from unfair practices. This will also decrease the instability of the market and the volatility of prices, which can make crypto a long-term investment channel.

Jonathan Merry, Founder, Moneyzine

No, if You’re a Novice

I believe that the market’s volatility is one of the main factors contributing to the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate widely and rapidly.

Due to this uncertainty, investors have a hard time making well-informed investment decisions. Further, there is no government or central body backing cryptocurrencies, and there is no regulation in place to protect investors from fraudulent activities or frauds. Therefore, I think it would be risky for novice investors to put money into cryptocurrencies in 2023.

Tiffany Hafler, Marketing Coordinator, Blockchain Lawyer

Maybe, Talk With a Financial Professional

Cryptocurrencies have always been highly volatile, fluctuating dramatically in a short period. While cryptocurrencies’ popularity and market capitalization have surged in recent years, their value is not assured, and investing in them can be dangerous. 

I believe the regulatory environment is one of the most critical variables. Some governments have already prohibited or limited the use of cryptocurrencies, which may impact their future growth. Finally, whether it is worthwhile to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2023 is determined by your personal financial goals and risk tolerance. 

If you are willing to accept the risks associated with cryptocurrency investing and believe in its long-term potential, it may be worth exploring as part of a diversified investment portfolio. But, before making any investment decisions, you should always conduct research and talk with a financial professional.

Adam Garcia, CEO, The Stock Dork

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