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Is it viable to buy a football team?

football team

The dream of many young entrepreneurs is to purchase a football club and it would be a monumental power move in the world of finance if you were able to purchase a sports team of any kind.

However, there do come difficulties, unlike trading on forex, as you have to understand all aspects of the club before you embark on a successful journey in the footballing world.

 What is an owner?

In footballing terms and owner is exactly what it says on the tin. They own the football club and everything that comes with it which could be the stadium and training ground depending on how the previous regime left the club.

Many owners will also be chairman of the club taking on full responsibilities of the day-to-day jobs. This has become ever rarer with owners looking to use football men to take care of the football side whilst they work on the business side of promoting a club and funding the club to prosper.

Is it always plain sailing?

It is not always the case that buying a football club will bring immediate success nor will it prove to be successful in the long run. There can be many elements that a chairman has to consider when operating a football club including the wages of the players and staff at the club which can alter depending on the number of staff and players you have on the books.

There can also be unrest from sections of the fans who may not want the owner to be in charge of the club anymore due to the running of the club  whether that be gross misconduct off the field or

Club action

Many clubs, particularly in the UK, have had issues with owners in the past taking the club in the wrong direction, running them into administration or even worse fully bankrupting them. Clubs including Blackpool, Blackburn, Derby, Bury, Wigan, Bolton and Oldham have all had troubles with owners in recent years.

With some managing to force owners to sell like Blackpool forcing the Oyston family out of the club with protests, some have struggled to move their owners on and in the case of Bury the club had to fold.

 Is it profitable?

This can be a mixed question because it depends on the wealth of a person but on the whole a football club can mean you are putting more money in than you are taking out due to transfers, costs of running the club, wages and many more elements.

However, owners can sell shares of their club to help fund some more money for themselves and the club as a whole.

It can bring much joy to the people of the area and also to an owner as they are able to have something to really work with that many people care about every single day of their lives. With football an ever-growing industry as well there is no ceiling to what a football club can bring.

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