Is It Time To Buy An Electric Car?

Electric Car

There is undoubtedly a shift taking place toward electric vehicles and there will come a time when every car on the road is powered by electricity. At the moment, however, the world is very much in a state of limbo. There seems to be a consensus that the technology is ‘not quite there yet’ to roll out affordable electric cars to the mass market and that it is this thought process that is delaying the rollout and seeing consumers opt for the traditional fuel-powered vehicle. That said there has been a notable shift in manufacturing from all car manufacturers toward electric vehicles and more and more are making their way to the roads. So, is now the time to make the switch?

Firstly one of the main advantages of electric cars is that they are considered cheaper to run. Typically the cost of charging an electric car can be almost $2000 dollars less than the amount you would spend on fuel over a year. Of course, this will vary on the price you pay for electricity and how efficient your car is. You can however take steps to improve the efficiency of your electric vehicle even further by choosing the right tires and adopting certain driving techniques such as speed regulation and avoiding harsh braking.

Electric cars are also considered to perform better than combustion vehicles, despite popular belief. Electric vehicles commonly have more power than their fuel-consuming counterparts, superior torque and acceleration. What is more, they are generally considered to handle better and thus improve the driver experience. 

Another seldom explored advantage of the electric car is the level of convenience it can bring. Consumers typically get bogged down on the idea of having to stop and charge your car and worry about finding a charging station in the first place, however, what is often overlooked is the ease of charging your car from your home. You do not need to factor in trips to the fuelling station to ensure you have enough fuel to get you through the day. What is more, with the ever-increasing number of charging stations, should you be out shopping or at the office chances are you will be able to charge it with ease. Don’t forget your car spends a large proportion of its life stationary and parked up so you can use this time to charge it. 

Finally one of the undoubted advantages to owning an electric vehicle is the positive impact it has on the environment and indeed your health. Electric vehicles are the much greener option when it comes to car ownership, they have zero exhaust emissions, which means they do not emit any harmful gases, protecting both you and the environment. Not only is the environmental impact obvious in some countries driving zero-emissions cars can reduce the amount you pay in tax, insurance and even road usage.  Electric cars are also far more energy-efficient than typical combustion engine cars, meaning they use less energy to get from one place to another. The knock-on effect of this is that there the less energy they use the less energy production is required and in turn, less CO2 is emitted from the production of energy. 

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