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Is it safe to be a foreign exchange student in Netherlands


All the students have heard at least once about the exchange programs that they have access to during their bachelor, master or PhD studies. Teachers often like speaking about how much that helps you to grow if you go with an exchange program to a country different than yours. If you ever heard about this type of opportunities, then you definitely need to choose a country to go to and collect memories and experience for your future development. You need to do an exchange program and you didn’t choose your destination yet? Then you are the right place because in the following lines you will find precious information, as we will talk about the benefits of travelling to the Netherlands, a country that you will love and decide to visit as a student, as well as to study there for a semester or more. Of course that you will need to take responsibility for this decision and make sure that you will be safe during the trip and during your time spent in the Netherlands.

Stay safe all along your study-time in the Netherlands

There are a lot of conditions that I need to take into account before you start planning your trip, but you’ll also from the beginning until the end. Going to another country to pursue your studies there is a great challenge which will help you to grow in an amazing way, to get to know new people, overpass your limits in to become a better version of yourself. Many tourists and young students have said that they have noticed strange calls from unknown numbers and they have been almost been victims of fraud meaning scams by phone. You definitely want to avoid this type of situations and we can help you with that. There is a great tool we know, calledwie heeft mij gebeld and this one allows you to check the identity of the callers by inserting their numbers into the search bar of the platform. You will get results based on what the other users have typed in as information of the unknown colour.

Do not talk to strangers but wisely choose your friends

Pay attention to which kind of people you are getting in touch with daily. Choose your friends wisely and keep your belongings safe, at hand, next to you. This will help you to avoid unpleasant situations of being scammed and having your personal information or money stolen. It is better and easier to prevent than to treat. Make sure you know very well your way back home. Buy a map Google Maps whenever you need to go from university home, or to the markets. Make sure you also don’t go out very late and have someone with you. There are some basic rules you have to respect in order to stay safe easily. Enjoy your trip in the time you spend in the Netherlands, allow yourself to learn new things, serious in your studies and you will have a time to remember.

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