Is it safe to be a foreign exchange student in Australia


Not everybody can think about being an exchange student during the learning process in college. It takes courage and determination to take your heart into hands and go to continue your studies into another country, moreover in another language. But this challenge brings a lot of satisfaction, as it allows you to grow and to develop so much in such small amount of time.

No Phone Scam Risk – Check any unknown number

From my own experience, if I look back at my own exchange program experience as a student early in my 20s, I am seeing an evolution. I am understanding how much I grew during all those years. Being in a country I did not know before was an amazing experience, even if I was afraid at the beginning. But it took me courage to take the airplane and land into a completely new territory, to meet new people and create friendships and memories together.

What I can say it that all this has totally worth it. Many adventures and risky moments have coloured my experience all along and sometimes it seemed really difficult, that I even thought I would give up. But I’m grateful I kept going and kept growing, because I can really say that my exchange time as a student is one of the main experiences of my life, like a main stage in my student life. Now what can I say to people who choose to go with an exchange student program into another country?

One of the most common risks when you are a student is to get scammed by phone. Students who are going to another country with an exchange program often do not know the laws of that specific country, nor do they know where to go in case they need the support of an authority. Students need to know but there are tools specifically created to help them stand out and stay safe easily even while being far from their home country. The Who Called Me Australia rocks when it comes to risks of being scammed by phone. It has been built and implemented to help people (young or adults, children or students) stay safe and avoid being scammed by phone. What makes it special is that it provides you with an option to check any unknown number and find out the identity of the caller.

Be responsible and learn to take care of your belongings

No matter if you would be in your hometown comfortably studying university of love and surrounded by people how to take care of your needs or if you are on the other side of the world, in a place you don’t know yet, you need to take heart and learn to take care of yourself. When it comes to your personal papers and things you owe, make sure you keep them safely and only use them when needed. Your exchange student’ time in Australia can teach you so much about how to better live your life later, so make sure you make the most of it.


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