Is It Possible To Earn Cryptocurrency And Multiply Your Capital Without Any Investment?

In only 12 years, the cryptocurrency market has gone from a fringe niche known only around tech circles to a global phenomenon revolutionizing the traditional finance industry. It’s not only the finance industry as the technology behind these digital currencies; blockchain is seeing many use cases in other sectors such as health care, supply chain, and so on. Cryptocurrency projects rely on tokens to govern and fuel them, and the explosion of utility tokens on various platforms has created an opportunity for many. Early investors in most projects have seen their fortunes change for the better as the tokens have grown in value due to increased adoption. 

Today to get a whole Bitcoin, you need at least $56,000. Just 8 years ago, the same coin was available for less than $100. Buying a whole Bitcoin and a few other top coins is out of reach for most individuals, and it’s easy to feel like you missed out on a golden opportunity. However, did you know it’s possible to earn cryptocurrency and multiply your capital without investing even a cent? Below let’s take a look at how this is possible.

How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Any Investment

There are many ways you can earn crypto without having to buy the tokens using your cash. The first and easiest method is through crypto bounty campaigns. Platforms such as BountyMarketCap tracker will list all bounties taking place, offering an easier alternative for users to discover new bounties compared to trying to do it manually. You will find projects running bounty campaigns on the platform, and you can sort various crypto startups according to their bounty market cap. You can cash out on your bounty immediately if you like by selling the stake you have earned. This happens by visiting BountyMarketCap, clicking on your bounty, and then clicking on the sell button in front of your bounty stakes title.

How To Get More Tokens: Promissory Notes Trading

The tokens you win on various bounty campaigns can be used to earn yourself even more crypto tokens. As a holder, you can earn passive income by lending or borrowing using your tokens as collateral. The solution is provided by Tokpie, the first cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports bounty stakes trading. On the platform, everything works on a peer-to-peer (P2P) mode using promissory notes. This allows participants to exit the transaction at any given moment.

There are a few advantages of trading your bounty tokens on TOKPIE, such as getting access to competitive rates since you get to decide what interest you would like to borrow or lend thanks to the auction trading of bills of exchange which are discounted in a standard stock exchange. This allows for determining the fairest cost of funding.

Also, you can close a trade at any time without being penalized. As a lender on the platform, you can take back the borrowed cryptocurrency at any given time by selling the previously purchased promissory notes. Likewise, the user that had borrowed can settle his or her obligations at any moment by buying back the promissory note from the market.

Additional benefits include a lack of minimum deposit requirements allowing users to lend and borrow crypto starting from any amount. Also, there is no identity verification required to participate and enjoy the platform, and most incredibly, the exchange offers the highest loan to value ratio in the market. Users can attain up to 90% of the value of their assets which they give out as collateral. That is 40% more than most platforms will offer crypto borrowers.

Bounties represent an easy way to earn crypto for free. However, there are a few other methods for achieving the same goal without spending your money. Some of the most popular include doing microtasks where you are paid in tokens, participating in surveys, creating content for crypto, helping projects with marketing campaigns, and so on.

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