Is It Important to Teach Your Employees Cybersecurity

For many years, cybersecurity has been an essential part of technology considerations. The changes that resulted from the pandemic, such as the need for people to work remotely and the tools used, helped businesses operate and accelerate the sophistication and attacks of cybercriminals.

That said, it is crucial to protect your business against cybercriminals, and the best way to do that is by teaching your employees cybersecurity.

Why is cybersecurity training so vital?

According to various studies, most digital attacks are efforts to take advantage of the human factor through phishing attempts. An estimated 90% of breaches happen because of human error, making employee training even more significant.

So how can your employees identify, report or eliminate any cyber threat if they don’t even know what to look for? And despite the firewalls or other security software you put in place, your workers are still an entry point for cybercriminals.

Training your employees can empower them with updated knowledge on identifying and getting rid of cyber threats. Besides, you will also be empowering the most susceptible link in the chain.

Cybersecurity awareness subjects to cover in your employee training

Forms of cybersecurity threats

Your employees should learn how to identify and prevent any potential security breaches effectively. They will also learn about the various ways a cyber threat can present itself. For example, you can teach them about social engineering, malware, spam, and phishing.

Identifying and reporting cyber threats

Your employees are the ears and eyes you have on the ground. Every device they use or any email they get might have some indicators about a lurking malware, phishing scam, or even virus. Therefore, it is crucial to educate them on identifying any unexplained and real antivirus warnings.

Significance of password security

Your employees must understand that your password is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting sensitive and valuable company information. Also, make sure that your employees know how to use strong passwords that have not only letters but also numbers and symbols.

Organization data safety

As much as you have a backup and data recovery plan, it would help if you took your time to walk your employees through the company’s data protection policies. This will guarantee individual awareness. Also, you can use that time to answer any pressing questions or clarify anything that needs debate.

All new workers should also go through this training a soon as possible. And on the other hand, all your long-term workers must be reminded of their duties and responsibilities to protect the company’s data.

Being safe on social media

Employees use social media both when at home and work. It is now an unprotected window to the world. In addition, social media can be a place where sensitive data can be flung out. Therefore, a security awareness training program for your employees must have a section covering the appropriate and safe use of social media by workers.

Summing up

By teaching your employees cybersecurity and understanding good security, you will save money, create a culture of cybersecurity, boost employee confidence and reduce stress, and, more importantly, have satisfied clients and shareholders.

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