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Is it Easy to Teach Your Children to Use Computers? Here’s Where to Start

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If you have children, you’ve probably thought about teaching them how to use your desktop or laptop computer. Maybe you’ve started them off slow with an iPad or another brand of tablet, and now you’re ready to level them up to something more serious. But you’re worried about all the things they’ll need to know, and you aren’t exactly sure how to teach them everything before you unleash them onto the internet. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, and we can help you teach your child everything they need to know about safe and effective computer usage. 

When Should You Teach Your Children How to Use a Computer?

If you’re unsure of when you should teach your child to use a computer, that’s okay! A good way to tell whether or not they’re ready is to gauge their interest in the matter. Are they always trying to use your computer, or are they interested in what you’re doing when you’re on the computer? If you have young children, you may want to start with an iPad before you work them up to a laptop or desktop computer. 

If you’re afraid of what they’ll be able to do on the laptop, don’t worry. There are many settings that allow them to restrict their usage or block them from using certain things. When your children are very young, these settings may be necessary. 

So, to answer your question, there is no specific right time for them to learn how to use a computer. When you feel that they’re ready and when they’re interested in learning is a better time than any. Usually, parents teach their children how to use a computer around the age of 4 or 5, so they have the skills before they start kindergarten. 

Teaching Your Child

So, now that you’ve made the decision to teach your children how to use a computer, you’re probably asking yourself: how do I actually teach them? First thing’s first, you’re going to need to teach them how to actually use a computer. That means showing them how a mouse works. With laptops there are many different types of track packs, and therefore many different ways to use them. When working with your child on your laptop, teach them how it works. Whether you scroll with two fingers or right click by pressing the CTRL button, they should know these helpful tips. Here are some general tips you should teach your children: 

  • How to use the trackpad or mouse 
  • Learning how to log onto their account 
  • Learning how to launch specific applications 
  • Learning how to type correctly and use the keyboard

When it comes to teaching your child, you should try and spend a few minutes to a half an hour with them every day using the computer. When your children are young, make sure you supervise them while they’re using the computer. 

What Skills are Important?

There are many different skills that your child should know when they start out on the computer. Using the mouse and keyboard are a given, as they’re required for computer use. However, when you want to help them delve more in depth with their learning, these are some skills you should teach them. 


Typing is incredibly important and while some people can get by on typing one letter at a time, learning the proper placement for their hands is a skill that they will use for years to come. Having a high typing speed is a great skill to have as an adult, and learning that skill starts early. 


Once they’re comfortable with reading and writing, have them set up an email! They can email their friends or their family members. It’s a great way to help them practice typing. 


Conducting proper research is also important for computer use. Teach them what sources are fake or can’t be trusted and show them which ones are reliable for use when researching. This is a great skill to expand upon as they get older. 


If you find that your child really loves computer use, teaching them how to code may be a good bonding experience. There are plenty of child-friendly coding programs that they can use, and they’re a lot of fun! 

Internet Safety

Internet safety is incredibly important for children. Teaching them how to be safe on the internet should come first, before allowing them to use a computer unsupervised. 

Teaching Your Child How to Use a Computer

If you want to learn more about how computers work for kids, there are plenty of resources available to you. By teaching your child how to use a computer, you’ll be setting them up for a future in technology. 

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