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Is it Easy to Get Started with Procreate as a New User?

There aren’t too many creative experiences that can compare to your first time putting pencil to paper, but learning to draw is one of those. The artist’s mind can run free when given a blank canvas and the freedom to express itself with a pencil. Many beginners have difficulty obtaining the appropriate tools and programs to assist them on their trip. This is a common challenge for them. Whether you fit into this group and are wondering if Procreate is the ideal tool to assist you to get started on your journey, the short answer is that it most certainly is!

Why is Procreate an Excellent Choice for Beginners to Use?

Learning to draw is an activity that, similar to other creative pursuits, takes a lot of time and can be very difficult if you don’t have the necessary supplies. On the other hand, there are many helpful programs and tools that can reduce the amount of time required to learn and make the procedure substantially simpler. With only a few Procreate courses, you can learn a few different methods and get your digital art skills off to a good start.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Drawing in Procreate

  1. Begin with shapes and lines

When you first start sketching, use the right lines and forms so that the finished product looks good. Each and every work of art is composed of several shapes at its most fundamental level. For instance, a photograph of a person or a structure may be deconstructed into the underlying forms and lines. Because of this, having a good understanding of lines and forms in Procreate will benefit you when sketching.

  1. Include Value and Form

Improving a drawing’s authenticity can be done by adjusting its value. You can achieve this by drawing lines representing where light and shadow fall. In order to do this, you might make use of drawing methods such as cross-hatching and shading. In contrast, form refers to how the lines and forms of your drawing create an illusion of depth. Your drawing receives a one-of-a-kind impact because of these lines and forms, successfully capturing the observer’s attention.

3.Utilize the right colors

The colors you decide to use for your artwork could have a big influence, either favorably or adversely, on the piece’s overall appearance. It is highly recommended that you study and understand fundamental color theory, as this will give you an idea of how to utilize colors and mix colors to create an excellent work of art. You can experiment with a variety of color combinations before committing to utilizing them in your work by using Procreate. This will provide you with valuable information about the most effective combination to use.

The Benefits of Using Procreate for Newcomers

The following are a few advantages of using Procreate as compared to using other digital art applications:

  1. Mistakes are easy to fix

When you are just starting, using Procreate will provide you the flexibility to play with various possibilities and the experience of learning from the errors you make as you progress. There should not be major consequences for an artist’s pursuit of whatever creative concept they have. The program Procreate serves as an excellent platform for accomplishing this goal.

  1. Saves time

Utilizing digital applications is a lot more convenient and faster than using traditional tools like paintbrushes and canvas. Depending on the circumstance, you can draw, make corrections, or even start over completely.

  1. Low-priced and inexpensive

The fact that expressing your artistic side with Procreate is the least expensive option to do so is perhaps the benefit that is the most important. You do not need to worry about being required to pay ridiculous prices to be granted access to work on the application.

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