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Is It Advised To Add A Picture To Your Resume? Why?

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To any recruiting process, you step into, the resume is the first they would ask for. The resume is a reflection of who you are as a professional. Every organization receives a pile of resume copies that they need to look over to shortlist their suitable candidates. It takes only 7 seconds for any recruiter to examine any CV or resume and another 7 seconds to decide whether to swipe left or swipe right to the resume. Their eyes are so into practice that within just 7 seconds, they could point out all the misleading information, grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc. 

Therefore, as a candidate, you need to make your resume catchy that it highlights all the essential facts about you and your achievements that are essential for the offered designation. 

Several organizations or websites provide Resume Writing Services in India. The service providers usually serve you the guaranteed resume shortlisting, and many of the times, they provide references for the resume. Your resume must set an absolute clear image about your character profile that could help them choose you over others. 

Apart from the records or the facts you put into any resume, what matters more is the arrangement of the display. The more sorted and clear it appears, the higher the chance of getting selected. 

Why Add A Picture?

It is often said that your face reflects what you are as an individual. The way your thoughts process can somehow be told through your face. But more essentially, a picture in your resume verifies that this resume belongs to you. A good picture could also buy you more time from the recruiter as your picture adds a visual feature to your resume.

A suitable formal yet attractive passport-sized photograph of yours placed on the top right corner is suggested. Make sure that the picture you include looks professional with no gigantic sunglasses, bandana, or any other funk accessory. The photograph must capture your entire face with no major filter because it must appear natural in all senses. It might otherwise reduce your chances of being selected for your dream job.

Like every brand needs a logo to let people identify and distinguish. It is easier for all humans to remember a visual than any spelling or a name. In particular, adding a picture works the same for you. You are a brand to yourself, and out there, you are selling yourself and your skills to the recruiter and making them believe that you might work as an asset to them. Here your physical appearance does not attract the recruiter, your ability to present yourself into such a minimum frame attracts them. 

Points About Picture Specifications

There are several Resume services in India that provide you with professionals who build your resume and verify it before getting into the hands of the recruiters. They give you the best advice and teach you to answer questions brought up to you through your resume.

The service providers do charge according to the type of services they offer, and you must select a package according to your requirement. Make sure that you build your resume according to the provision of the job application and ensure to customize it each time you apply to any job profile. 

Here are some of the basic specifications that one must take care of to make the resume appear in the correct format. The picture you must be adding is well-chosen by you. If possible, do ask for some advice from people who are working in the HR department or belong to the profession you are applying for. 

  • Dress-code: Make sure that you are professionally dressed up in the photograph you are displaying at the top of your resume. There is no compulsion about having professional attire in the picture for every profession, but it is better if you do so. Some occupations, such as chef or air-hostess, etc., are better if you try to fit in your suitable dresses. 
  • Good quality picture: Make sure you have an excellent professional photoshoot for the resume photo. It must not be blurred out or stretched out as it isn’t visually appealing to the recruiter. Therefore visit a studio for the photograph to be captured.
  • Match it up with your LinkedIn profile: It is always suggested to attach a good photograph to your LinkedIn profile. It becomes more accessible for the recruiter to identify your profile to check your LinkedIn profile for better resources about you.
  • Size and Pixels: Make sure that the picture is of good quality and could be identified as an individual. If it seems to you that the image is not appropriate, do run the required changes. 

Building a resume is a time-consuming process, and it requires a professional vision to adjust it into the right frame of the corporate jobs or any other jobs. 


According to nationalities, the format of the resume changes, which is why there are provided resume writing services in India available at a decent price chart. Whenever you find any inconvenience or feel like you must look for better advice, do check out such servicing agencies to wipe out every manageable particle of confusion. Resume is a kind of investment to you as an application where your resume is something that represents you over the selection table, and even makes you win the job you applied for.

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