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Is Imginn Really Anonymous and Secure for Downloads?

The imginn website is a social media download tool that enables users to backup their own content.

According to the imginn site description, the service is completely anonymous for the private downloading of social media content.

In addition, users do not need to give out private information such as passwords or contact information, which is a good sign for security and remaining anonymous for legitimate backup purposes.

However, when using social media download tools like imginn, there is an additional step that users can take to be even more certain of remaining anonymous.

And that step is to access the tool via a trusted VPN service provider.

In addition to privacy, VPN services offer added benefits when using an imginn type of online tool and for general internet usage:

  • Threat Protection – many VPN providers have features that continuously scan websites for any threats as well as check files for malware before they are downloaded. This is especially useful when using online download tools.
  • Ad Blocking – there are often browser extensions and add-ons that VPN services provide to block out the most aggressive forms of advertising, such as pop-up banners. However, the most common type of ads found on major social media platforms tend not to be blocked.
  • Geographical Location Change – users can choose the geographical location of the IP address that they will be using to access a certain website. This can also help with privacy.

To discover a trusted VPN for this purpose, visit the page about imginn at IPSNews

Imginn and similar tools also offer their services for free, which is good news for users who do not want to have to fork out big fees to simply backup their own data.

However, they do monetize the service by displaying ads on the website. Website viewers will be familiar with all the pop-up advertising that appears when using such resources. Sometimes it can even be hard to navigate and perform certain actions when particularly aggressive forms of advertising are used.

Offering the service for free is the route that most download tools websites tend to choose, however. Instead of charging for their use, they try and get as many people as possible to use them for free and then to profit from the clicks they get to the banners displayed on their site.

This can be a nuisance for some users, but many people understand that the software developers do deserve to be credited for their creation in some form or another and that is a small price to pay for the use of a free tool.

Premium software does also exist to remove ads for a small fee and to offer more advanced features such as the bulk backup of your content and the ability to easier organize your files.

In conclusion, these type of download services for social media accounts can be very beneficial if they are done in the right way and go via the official means provided by the platforms.

For an added layer of protection, there is always the option of choosing to log-in via a trusted VPN service first to maintain privacy and to pre-emptively scan websites and files for potential threats.

A detailed set of steps to ensure privacy and security has been laid out by recently launched website, Imginn.Net, where they explain how to use the tool and how to take additional steps in advance to be doubly sure of remaining anonymous and secure.

To discover the full set of quick start steps, as well as the current recommended VPN service provider, readers can visit the new website.

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