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Have you got dark spots on your face , you are probably wondering if they will ever go away ? . 


Is hyperpigmentation permanent? This is a question that is frequently asked, as individuals have tried several ways to ultimately get rid of dark spots and somehow don’t seem to get results . 

Does this sound like you ? 

If you want to eliminate your  dark spots to get a brighter and smoother skin , then you are just in the right place ! .




Knowing the root cause of your dark spots will help you find the best solution to get rid of it . 

Individuals with fair to dark skin shades are very prone to have dark spots and patches as they have higher amounts of melanin . 

This is because their skin can be triggered by sunlight to produce extra melanin . Hyperpigmentation affects many skin shades , but tends to be more extreme and may last longer on dark skin shades . 

Dark spots and patches are caused by:

  • Excess sun exposure (sun burns ) 
  • Skin injuries 
  • Inflammatory acne 
  • Skin irritation due to skin care products
  • Hormonal influence such as pregnancy 
  • Aging 



There are 3 major types of hyperpigmentation which include


  • Age spots :  


These are dark spots , sometimes brown , tan or black in color that appear on the skin when it’s been exposed to sunlight for too long or more frequently and is also caused due to aging. 

It occurs mostly on the face on other parts of the body          

  • Melasma : 


Somewhat called the“mask of pregnancy” ,these are large brown patches on the skin as a result of hormonal influences, such as pregnancy and also birth control pills. 

It mostly occurs on the forehead , face , mouth area  and stomach .  

  • Hyperpigmentation acne : 

Likewise called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, these are spots or patches on the skin that form as a result of inflammatory skin conditions such as severe acne . 


This can occur on any part of the body,but are most likely to appear on the face .



Finding the best hyperpigmentation treatment , depends on its cause.


Organic skincare products are the best and safest  treatment for hyperpigmentation on dark skin.


Our Belle nubian skin care products are very effective on  dark skin , and are safe to use as it consists of natural ingredients only . 


To get the results you desire ,these are

best selling Bella Nubian products on the market to get rid of hyperpigmentation :

  • PRODUCT : 

Belle Nubian Dark Spot Remover Serum : Say

goodbye to hyperpigmentation with our powerful

dark spot remover , it quickly works to reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation and is safe on all skin types , visible results in as little as 3 weeks . 


Ingredients: Glutathione powder , Vitamin C , E and 


Product review : 

  1. PRODUCT : 


Belle Nubian Organic Lightening Body Oil : Our organic lightening body oil , does not only brightens your complexion and fade dark spots , but also hydrates the skin and reduces fine lines ,you see results in as little as 3 weeks of use . 

  Ingredients: Glutathione,lemon oil ,Vitamin C . 



Product review : 

  1. PRODUCT : 


Belle Nubian CARAMEL SET:  

This lightening cream , helps repair damaged skin, lightens dark spots, clears the skin  and prevents hyperpigmentation to achieve a smoother and brighter skin in just 2 weeks . 

The Belle nubian Caramel set is one of our best selling Belle Nubian product in the market, 


Ingredients: Glutathione, Collagen ,Vitamin C & E,Glycerin ,Water, Kojic acid ,Rose hip oil , Argan oil. 

Product review : 

Belle Nubian Skincare offers a wide range of organic skincare products for all skin types , such as lightening and brightening products , anti- aging and diet products . 

Our products are 100% authentic , made of safe organic and healthy ingredients only . 

Products are made in the USA , dermatologist tested and approved by the FDA.  

Our trusted organic skincare products will help you achieve beautiful and youthful skin. 

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