Is Guilty Bunnies NFT destined to be bigger than the Bored Apes?

Thousands and thousands of art collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and crypto degenerates are biting at the bit to join the hot and mysterious group called Guilty Bunnies. The question NFT investors are asking is — have the Bored Apes peaked? The answer for celebrities is: probably no; however, the answer for new NFT collectors is: absolutely yes. Bored Apes are a status symbol in the NFT world and the Guilty Bunnies are the next. The main difference now is a Bored Ape will cost you a million dollars, and a Guilty Bunnies NFT, around 0.169 or maybe even 0.069 ETH… these numbers are speculation of their mint price, but the Bunnies’ favorite number is 69 and we are beginning to wonder if ​​6ix9ine (formerly Tekashi69) is the creator behind the mysterious collection.

We planted a few of our reporters into the Guilty Bunnies discord to dig deeper into the community which has seen 100%+ growth week after week. First off, the discord itself was not open to all, we had to complete these “Darings” for a chance to receive access to the chat itself. After days of working hard to get wet, we found out that nearly 70% of the WL is already filled. This rapid growth from such a new collection has our hope high that our gamble on the Guilty Bunnies could become bigger than the Bored Apes. 

Rather than war, the Guilty Bunnies are here to make love. It’s been known that women’s voices in the NFT space are underrepresented, and the Guilty Bunnies are here to change that. The public team described on the website leads us to believe this project is led by women who embrace body positivity. This type of positivity and beauty is well needed when the NFT scene is filled with distorted and borderline psychotic art styles. 

We’ve heard from the Discord chat that the Guilty Bunnies feel compassion towards the Lonely Ape Club and are the perfect vehicle to bring more X chromosomes into the NFT space. We found this to be a mathematical certainty that the Bunnies are on their way to surpass the community of Apes only because the world’s population is 49.6% women which means the Bunnies have the potential to skyrocket due to this serious equation. We see these cute NFTs appealing to all adults who love fashion and mystery.

There are only 6969 NFTs in the entire collection and 169 traits. There are rumors in the discord chats that a few NFTs will be burned in the fires of passion, however Bunnies love to breed so we are hoping for even more amazing Bunnies. Unlike other communities, we see the Guilty Bunnies as a project that has roots set in the deepest human emotions. 

We encourage our readers to send a message to 6ix9ine to find out if he is truly the one behind this 69 obsessed group of Guilty Bunnies. We reached out to his management ourselves, but after the latest court case they seem to have been keeping themselves quiet and evoking their fifth amendment right. 

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