Is Driving in New York all that Exciting?

New York is a great city.  Visiting it once in a lifetime is a dream we all cherish. The city can be explored easily with the help of its well-networked public transport system. However, if you wish to enjoy a “never-before” kind of experience, opting for one of the nearest exotic car rentals may be wise. What could be more exciting than exploring the roaring city in your own private luxury vehicle? You may even rent an Audi in NYC for a classy experience! 

Is Driving in NYC all That Exciting? 

Largely, driving along the busy roads of NYC does prove to be an exciting experience. However, that may not always be the case. Just like any other busy city, peak-time traffic can be pretty bad. The permissible driving speeds are slower on most roads. Maximum speed limits reach 55mph unless specified otherwise. On other highways, one might need to slow down to 40mph. So, if you are planning to enjoy a roaring ride, you must choose to travel during off-peak hours. 

Beware of Violation Charges 

It is useful to remember that NYC uses cashless tolling as a rule. There are cameras fitted on highways for capturing overspeeding. Especially, if you have rented a vehicle from an exotic car rental, speeding is not a good idea at all. Not only will you have to cover up the fines, but your rental company can also charge you for these violations. Some companies will have additional penalties attached to violations because after all, the car is registered in their name and there can be certain repercussions of the same in the future. 

Get your Act Right

When you come to a new city and rent a luxury vehicle that might also be your dream car, handling the experience with dexterity will actually see you through. You need to exercise self-control. Being too exuberant or overwhelmed about driving your dream vehicle can actually push you to go overboard. 

Learn more about the odor evidence fee. This is when smoke or odor from tobacco or cannabis is found. Remember, when you hire a luxury vehicle, you pay a hefty deposit. If you do not follow rules and regulations, every fee and fine that is levied on your vehicle while it is in your possession will be deducted from the deposit. That is not exactly what you would wish for. 

Take Long Drives to the Outskirts

If you are looking to enjoy long drives, driving within city limits may not be the right choice. You can head to one of the many destinations on the outskirts of the city. There are beaches and valleys to head to. Wherever you go, however, parking could be a major concern in and around New York. You need to be extremely vigilant about finding a safe parking space. Mastering the art of maneuvering your vehicle within smaller spaces will be needed too. Remember, when you are sourcing your vehicle from an exotic car rental in Stony Brook, NY you need to be doubly sure of its safety and security. Never park in side lanes and always lock your vehicle carefully before you leave. 


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