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Is Django really good for web development?


Web development is constantly evolving. And more and more solutions are emerging to create everything you need. And a django development service is an excellent indicator of this development. This framework is free and open-source for web programming in Python language. It absolutely reflects the designers` slogan – “the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”.

What is the Django framework?

Django is a web framework that allows the development on Python of dynamic websites and web applications in a simple and fast way. Made to be fast, complete, and secure, Django has a proven track record. Among the sites that use or have used Django, there are major websites with massive attendance such as Instagram, Pinterest, the Guardian, the New York Times or Openstack.

Created in 2003, it was initially used to manage a local newspaper in the city of Lawrence in the United States. It was released under a free license in 2005. Since then, it has become one of the most used frameworks for coding in Python, with Python being one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

It works according to the principle of the MVT, Model/View/Template, similar to the MVC model, Model/View/Controller: the Model that contains the data is separate from the Controller that processes the data, while the View contains the data to be displayed.

This makes Django a complete framework, clear and easy to use, which gives you great freedom of movement. Once created, applications and websites coded under Django are robust and easier to maintain.

What are the advantages of the Django framework?

Django is suitable for many areas and oriented towards the fast and efficient creation of applications. Widely used by developers, such as the Gearheart team, it is ideal for professionals. It lets you focus on the core of projects by providing a solid and comprehensive toolkit to make your job easier.

Written in Python

Python has a reputation for being an easy-to-read language. This makes using the Django framework easy to use, as it is written in Python. With all the benefits of Python, Django has a huge backend support.

Accelerates the development of custom web applications

Among frameworks written in Python, Django remains one of the most mature. Because web application development time is reduced. It is very easy for developers to create custom web applications using this platform. This is in line with the client’s expectations as well as their commercial requirements. Deadlines and goals are met for Python programmers using Django.

“Batteries included”

Indeed, Django has been designed according to the principle of “batteries included”: all the elements to allow you to develop your web application and make it operational as quickly as possible are already there, you do not have to look for them yourself: URL routing, HTML templates


The Django framework can support the creation of any type of website or application, and manage content in any format: HTML, XML, JSON.

Finally, it helps you avoid the most common security errors of the Python language.

To give specific examples, among the major advantages of the Django framework are:

  • Generic views: Integrated into the framework to help you work faster, generic views make it much easier for you to solve the most common development problems by letting you make lists of objects by date, for example.  
  • Libraries: Like all programming languages, Django contains libraries that allow you to manage common tasks, for example by providing scripts and code to facilitate certain processes.
  • These libraries are there to help build your project. The best known, Django Rest Framework, is acclaimed by many developers and gives you the necessary hardware to tackle extremely ambitious projects. 
  • The ORM: Django’s object-relational mapper extracts data from databases and transfers it as objects that can be used in your project. It therefore helps you manage the structure of your models and build your prototypes very quickly.
  • Security: Django helps you secure user data and protect the apps you develop. The framework is built in such a way that websites developed with Django avoid the most frequent security breaches. For example, Django helps you protect yourself from SQL injections and cross-site scripting. It also gives you the tools to secure users’ passwords. 

Django Framework also offers all the advantages of very popular frameworks: indeed, an entire ecosystem revolves around this framework (conferences, associations…) which is a major asset for Python developers tags. Constantly evolving, bugs are quickly solved. If you have a problem, you can quickly find help, completely free of charge, thanks to the many online forums and communities. 

Getting more and more popular

A large number of guides, tutorials and podcasts exist in bookstores and on the Internet to learn about Django, such as the books of William Vincenttags. Its great popularity makes it one of the easiest to access frameworks, and the abundance of courses on the subject makes Django a good starting point to learn web programming. 

What are the disadvantages of the Django framework?

For all its advantages, the Django framework is not suitable for all web application projects and some of its features have negative points. Some of these negatives are deliberate choices on the part of the development team, others are real shortcomings compared to other frameworks.

A framework not very suitable for small projects: Django is designed for website projects and industrial applications, with high attendance. It is not suitable for developing minor services or small applications.

No AJAX on the web client side: unlike other frameworks, to integrate AJAX on the web client side on Django, you have to choose and integrate your own AJAX library. The development team decided to give the user the freedom to choose their own library.

The process can only handle one request at a time: most modern frameworks have made their processes able to handle multiple requests at once to speed up the work of developers. This is not the case with Django, and it is a notable disadvantage.

 If you are not yet sure if django development service is the ideal for your website or web application project, you can test it. Depending on your need, you will determine if this framework is the one you need for your business. You will also be able to familiarize yourself with one of the trending Python language frameworks and improve your web development skills.

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