Is CRYSTALS The Long Awaited Transparent Technology Solution for the Modeling Industry?

Whenever blockchain is mentioned, it’s often in the context of financial gain through cryptocurrencies. However, blockchain is helping drive a radical shift in traditional industries, which is driving a new wave of social impact across the globe.

The implications of blockchain are proving to be meaningful to society at large. Millions of people who are currently unbanked will eventually obtain access to financial services. In a variety of industries, expensive intermediaries will be eliminated to drive cost savings across the board. In some cases, lives can be saved and democracy modernized.

CRYSTALS is an example of how blockchain is revolutionizing more and more industries everyday. This a refreshing early validation of the technology, and it shows just how impactful blockchain can be for citizens across the world.


CRYSTALS  is a multi-platform network tailored to be a decentralized, efficient and secure tool for booking and paying models for modeling jobs. Using an Ethereum Network based CRS Token, CRYSTALS is able to act as a market and payment model for the industry. The network is built around the needs of clients and models, who both need to be able to find each other safely and securely, send and receive payment, and transparently report their past performances.

In order to understand why CRYSTALS is making an impact, it helps to understand the history of the modeling industry. Agencies have been dominant for almost a century, yet they are an inefficient and expensive method of finding models jobs, distributing funds, and allowing clients to find the right models for them.

Agencies with little competition often charge sometimes exorbitant fees all while retaining a monopoly on information that allows them to continue to profit off clients. While these were a necessary centralization of talent and information for clients in the pasty, they now present an inefficiency and monopoly that is being challenged by tech like CRYSTALS.

Agencies also present a problem for models. With a few prestige agencies controlling a great deal talent, models are often forced to work unfair or exploitative contracts in order to maintain the relationships that could gain them representation at the “right” agency. This has opened the door for much abuse of power by those in the modeling agency.

Tech like CRYSTALS would allow models to represent themselves and secure their own payment, the services that they need agencies for. A rise in independent modeling could see a rise in the safety and satisfaction for models everywhere, a victory for decentralization and other other ideals the pioneers of cryptocurrencies imagined.


CRYSTALS utilizes a complex multi-layered approach in order to ensure its security and fairness as booking and payment tool.

The first layer of CRYSTALS technology is its sleek and designed platform. This platform provides models a way to post their pictures and past work, as well as providing potential clients and photographers an easily searchable database of all possible talent. While seemingly simple, this database is simply non-existent in the current industry due to agencies gaining power from keeping information kept hard to access.

CRYSTALS’ second layer involves solving the scourge of modeling that is in fraud and underpayment. By allowing clients to book models using CRS Token, it’s native cryptocurrency, CRYSTAL ensures that clients truly intend to pay their models fully for their work done.

This payment is then transferred to the models’ account after a smartphone app confirms that the job is completed. This safe and cheap for models model is revolutionary. With a fee a fraction of the commission agencies charge, models will see more of their pay go to them. Conversely, clients are assured transparency and the access to millions of models.

The future of CRYSTALS revolves around enabling models and clients to interact with each other safely and securely. Industries young and old are facing new challenges brought about by technology, and CRYSTALS could be one of many solutions to these challenges.

Proper development and implementation of CRYSTALS’ technology could positively alter the way an entire billion dollar industry functions, bringing about a new era of transparency and security for millions of workers and their clients.

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