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Is CompTIA Certification Worth It?

How do you define value? Most people define value as getting more than you put in. Value is frequently associated with getting a good bargain on a house or purchasing a car below market value. Return on investment, or ROI, is sometimes used to quantify value. Sometimes value is a harder attribute to define. For instance, an unpaid internship gives you experience instead of money, which is frequently priceless in and of itself.

The CompTIA A+ certification is a topic. Is it priceless? Is taking the CompTIA exam and studying for it worth your time and money? Find out by reading on.

Is CompTIA A+ Enough to Get a Job?

Even while there is value, do many still wonder if CompTIA A+ is sufficient to land a job? It is possible, but it also relies on the kind of experience you have. Did you know that more tech support job advertisements feature comptia certification cost than any other IT credential? Simply having a CompTIA A+ on your resume can put you ahead of non-certificants in the interview queue. And that’s a major deal if you’re attempting to land your first IT job.

But there are other factors to think about. Employers, for instance, will want to know how much experience you have. One part of the puzzle is knowing the information. The other is showing that you can use it.

There are a few options for obtaining that crucial hands-on experience. You can volunteer your technical skills to relatives and friends, seek to take on some computer support responsibilities at your current employment (even if that’s not your primary role), or just inquire with the IT department to see if they need assistance with anything. The IT industry is renowned for information exchange and project collaboration. The IT specialists at your firm will be more willing to instruct you when they can once they are aware of your career objectives.

The CompTIA A+ test is popular for starting IT careers in part because it uses performance-based questions to verify your fundamental knowledge. In other words, you are thrust into simulated versions of the real-life situations you would face at work as you study for your exam. You must actually complete activities during your certification exam in order to pass the CompTIA A+ exam, rather than just answering questions to demonstrate your understanding. CompTIA A+ certificate is valued by employers including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dell, HP, Intel, Nissan, and Ricoh.

What is the cost of CompTIA A+ certification?

Just one of many important steps is realising how obtaining your CompTIA A+ certification can affect your career. Additionally, aspiring IT professionals are interested in knowing how much the CompTIA A+ certification costs and how much money you can make with one. Let’s analyse that.

Candidates must pass Core 1 (220-1001 or 220-1101) and Core 2 (220-1002 or 220-1102) of the CompTIA A+ core series examinations. Remember that there will be two exam series available for a while when the new CompTIA A+ exam is launched this spring. You must pass two tests from the same series to get CompTIA A+ certified: 220-1001/220-1002 or 220-1101/220-1102. You can’t combine two things.

Mobile devices, networking, hardware, virtualization, cloud computing, and hardware network troubleshooting are all covered in Core 1. Operating systems, security, troubleshooting for software, and operational processes are all covered in Core 2. You must buy a certification voucher for every exam. Each voucher has a $239 U.S. retail price. With these voucher discount alternatives, there are undoubtedly numerous ways to save money.

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