Is Cisco CCNP Certificate Useful?

Is Cisco CCNP Certificate Useful?

When it comes to Cisco certification, you may be familiar with CCNP certification. Now, especially after the reform of the Cisco certification system, the number of people taking the CCNP certification exam has increased to a certain extent. This is mainly because the core exam of CCNP certification is actually a written exam in the corresponding direction of CCIE certification. Therefore, after taking the core exam of CCNP certification, you can also directly choose to take the CCIE experimental exam to become a CCIE expert. The question is, is the Cisco CCNP certificate useful?  you can also check here

Is Cisco CCNP Certification useful?

CCNP certification is a senior network engineer certification launched by Cisco. So whether it is helpful or not depends on Cisco’s influence. At present, Huawei is developing continuously in China, and several pieces of equipment are owned by Huawei, so Huawei certification has begun to emerge. However, Cisco is a very famous network manufacturer all over the world, although its market share in China is slowly being replaced by Huawei.

If you meet European and American customers and some customers who trust Cisco equipment, you will find that there is still a certain market space for Cisco. Moreover, from the perspective of “age”, the CCNP of CCIE certification is older than the corresponding HCIP certification of Huawei. Therefore, CCNP certification is still in the position of “big brother”. On the whole, the Cisco CCNP certificate is still useful.

How useful is Cisco CCNP Certification?

It is known that the Cisco CCNP certificate is useful, so what is its specific use? The first is to help find a job. Having a CCNP certificate can objectively prove your ability compared with not having a CCNP certificate, which is more directly reflected in inexperienced fresh graduates or novices.

With a CCNP certificate, you may be able to show your strength. But the appearance of “paper people” reduces the value of the CCNP certificate to a certain extent. What is “paper people”? It refers to those who have certificates but have no practical ability. This kind of person mainly passes the certification by memorizing the question dumps. In their learning process of CCNP certification, there is no practical understanding but just hope of passing the exam by blindly reciting the CCNP exam question dumps. This is not fair for those who really grasp the knowledge points and professional skills they need to master and get CCNP certificate. But the problem is not big. As long as you have real talent and strength, you can shine anywhere.

Cisco CCNP certificate is obviously useful, but the value of CCIE certificate is unmatched by CCNP certificate. This is mainly because of the high difficulty of CCIE certification exam. Now that the core exam of CCNP  certification is the same as the written exam of CCIE certification, it is more recommended that candidates challenge themselves to learn the content of CCIE experimental exam and participate in CCIE experimental exam to become a CCIE. A CCIE expert is more popular than a CCNP, and is recognized by more enterprises. The number of people who pass CCIE certification is also relatively small, so individuals with CCIE certificate will be more competitive.


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