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Is Bolton Manchester a good place to live?

Bolton Manchester

Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester, located almost 10 miles northwest of Manchester city centre. The city is famous for its industrial heritage, incredible facilities and tourist attractions. However, the crime rate is low, making this place safe to live. There will undoubtedly be some differences you experience if you ever decide to go to Bolton, particularly if you come from a larger urban location like Toronto.

Whatever the case, you will undoubtedly still adore this intimate restaurant. Come experience everything this location has to offer while also leading a contemporary lifestyle in a serene setting. For sightseeing tours, you can hire a bus from Instabus to get around the city in style and comfort. Here are a few helpful things to be aware of before deciding to relocate to Bolton.

The Most Popular Areas in Bolton

The most sought-after neighbourhoods in Bolton are dispersed to its west, north, and east. They are either outside the A58’s path, where they are more rural, or inside it, where they are more suburban.

The suburbs of Heaton, Halliwell, and Chorley are located west of the A58, whereas Tonge Moor is located east of it. Popular suburbs off of the A58 include those surrounding Chorley New Road, close to The Beaumont Hospital, but especially those with a number of “millionaire’s rows,” like Brikdsdal Way and Regent Street. Additionally, the nearby industrial park is a centre for employment in the area with a number of blue-chip companies.

  • Affordable Houses

A little more than 8000 households are located in Bolton. That’s wonderful if you want to live in a tiny community without feeling as though the entire world is your neighbour, as you do in larger cities. All the charming homes, stylish yards, and compact structures you’ve ever imagined seeing in your hometown.

There are many big detached luxury mansions and villas in upscale towns like Lostock and Egerton, ranging from £850,000 to £3 million, as well as farmhouses worth up to £1 million. These homes are both modernist and neo-Georgian in design.

Between £550,000 and £800,000 is the price range for more suburban, smaller detached houses in desirable villages. Outside of Bolton, there are a lot of detached homes from earlier and later periods that cost between £200,000 and £450,000.

Bolton has hundreds of sizeable post-war and period semis for sale below £200,000, but unlike places like Oldham, Bolton doesn’t have central neighbourhoods filled with dirt-cheap terraces.

  • Good Education System

Bolton and the surrounding communities also feature top-notch schools with up-to-date instructional methods and qualified teachers. Kids will benefit from studying in a less congested, more student-focused environment.

There are many primary schools, both government-supported and private. Although the quality of secondary schools varies, some are excellent. Bolton is a wonderful area to study engineering and IT because of the town’s industrial heritage and tech-focused current.

The University of Bolton, which is located in Bolton, provides undergraduate and graduate studies in a wide range of subjects. Bolton College and Bolton Sixth Form College are the two main options for high school graduates interested in continuing their studies.

  • Restaurants and Pubs

One of Toronto’s bedroom communities is Bolton. Despite being 50 kilometres away, Toronto significantly impacts the area. Chic cafes, upscale dining establishments, and first-rate services can be found everywhere, reflecting the modern way of life. If you choose to live here, you can become a farmer, but you also have the option of choosing to live in the city if you choose.

There are many busy pubs and inexpensive Italian, Thai, Indian, and other eateries in the core of Bolton, which is known as a major party destination on weekends. There are a few outstanding restaurants in the city centre as well as several excellent country gastro pubs. You can have a great dining experience at Bolton as the restaurants offer amazing cuisines in multiple styles.

  • Transportation

The town is situated on several important highways and roads, which is a holdover from its days as a hub of manufacturing. Local buses, as well as regional and transcontinental bus services, are widely available. Excellent rail connections are available, with numerous long-distance and regional trains running to Manchester.


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