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Is a scam? is a scam and it is not legit and only can help users recover lost

Earning money online is becoming more common recently, and many people are shifting from conventional going to the workplace to earn bread. The more appealing earning money online from home sounds, the more risk of scams involved in such jobs or investment platforms. Every year people lose millions of dollars after getting scammed. Because of being online without any physical evidence recovering money is a complex and challenging process. Luckily some reputed services can help you recover your money. Iis-refunds is a service that quickly helps recover your lost online money. Now the concern is if is legit, then to assure you, “Yes, iis-refunds is legit. If you are looking for professional funds recovery service online, Intelligence Investigation services are the best professional recovery service online. will help you recover any investment lost to stock trading, cryptocurrency, and binary options scams. will help you to recover any investment lost to stock trading scams, cryptocurrency scams, and binary options scams.

There are plenty of scams online pretending to be cryptocurrency exchange platforms or online job providers; these websites deceive innocent people, scam them, and rob their hard-earned money. This article will look into a similar cryptocurrency trading website called and check whether it is authentic or a scam.

About is a company that works in the domain of cryptocurrency. They provide digital exchange services for clients to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies online. There are numerous digital currencies listed on their website, allowing users to browse through and invest in the currency they find best. You can easily find all crypto-related information on their website, like daily trade volume, the current market value of different cryptocurrencies, the percentage of rise or decline of currencies, and investment portfolio management. Company Review:

The website is well made, but the identification or information about the owner needs to be included. It is one of the major setbacks for any user if they don’t know the owner they don’t trust. Also, if the information about the owner is given, it gets easier to recover money if users get scammed. Providing owner identification or information is always preferred, especially when money is involved. Without the owner’s identification company seems suspicious.

Website Review:

The website of altaisle has received a low Tranco ranking which is a strong indicator of website authenticity and popularity. A website with a low Tranco ranking should be thoroughly researched and scrutinized before use because most of them are scammers.

The website contains information about cryptocurrencies, digital exchanges, bitcoin mining, and other investment plans. However, considering this information accurate can be problematic because it’s hard to check the authenticity of such information.

The website was developed or launched recently; most scam websites are new and mostly get removed from the web within several months. It is always advised to be extra careful while interacting with such suspicious websites. Moreover, these websites are flooded with negative reviews from customers who face scamming, so check for such reviews and ratings.

Recently, the website seems to be taken down from the web because it is not accessible, which shows that was a scam website which is fortunately taken down to save customers from getting scammed.

Technical Aspect:

The ranking of Alta isle is kept very low because the registrar facilities used by Alta isle are the same as other low-ranked websites. A secure and safe website will always use an extensive KYC (know your customer) process to keep track of its customers, but scam websites need to work on it. 

Another negative thing about Alta isle is that it has allowed the company to stay anonymous throughout the payment process. It is a central concern from a customer perspective because the risk of scams increases significantly when the company is unknown. In addition, because of such a process, the recovery of money becomes almost impossible if the company scams customers. Such websites are risky, and customers should always avoid them if they want to avoid getting scammed.


After looking at all the aspects of, it is safe to say that this website and company is a total fraud and only available to scam innocent people. It is always advised to be aware and careful of malicious and suspicious websites. Fortunately, the altaisle website is already taken down from the web, removing every bit of the benefit of the doubt. If someone gets scammed by such websites, the first reaction should be to recover their money using credible and legit money recovering services like 


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