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Is a sit-stand desk worth it?: A guide to finding out.

People who are working from home or recently built a new separate office might be looking for the right type of furniture. Especially the desks since they are considered essential for the offices to put things on them, just like monitors, files and telephones etc. As a matter of fact, selecting reliable and suitable desks and chairs can be a challenging task to accomplish.

As there is great diversity in the furniture industry and each product or tool is different from the others. People typically don’t pay heed to the factors and reasons for buying this equipment and just buy them for daily office usage. But people who value health use sit-stand chairs in some parts of their office as per their area and requirements which are useful and health-beneficent office-based equipment.

A sit stand desk is considered to be the best tool in the office that will not only provide health benefits but also provide the flexibility to adjust when standing and sitting.  As per the research, 70% to 80% of the population commonly work by sitting in offices and even at home, and only 10% of the population is seemingly aware and serious about their health and consequently prefer to work while standing.

The whole idea of designing such equipment is to just introduce items that are advanced and favourable to human health. Additionally, the research includes, that sitting for a long time in a single place by carrying the same body posture can potentially lead to heart disease and unregulated blood and sugar levels especially when you are sitting on your place right before having a meal which doesn’t seem healthy for the body. after having the meal which is not good at all.

Therefore, in this article, I will cover a few considerations that you need to take into account when buying a sit-stand desk to use in your home or office.

What are sit-stand desks?

A sit/stand desk pre-dominantly is a kind of furniture which allows the individual to manage his sitting and standing schedule by simply raising or lowering the desk when he feels to alter. If we compare this small standing desk with some other type of furniture, they always rank first.

Most commonly, it is firmly believed that by being able to manage their height and enjoy the functionality. People may be able to manage their body postures perfectly. If you are going to choose a sit-stand desk, keep in your mind that an adequate ergonomic system is crucial. It is essential to make sure the comfort of the user in terms of space and adaptability.

How to sit and stand while using the desk?

This is another interesting question to answer, people buy desks, but they struggle with how to productively use them for sitting and standing while working. So, it is important to keep abreast of that how should you use these desks. The following points should be kept in your mind when using the desks to stand and sit effectively.

  • Your wrists, hands and most importantly the forearms should be straight, in line and practically aligned to the direction of the floor.
  • Your head should be relaxed or bent to an extent and forward to being balanced.
  • Don’t put much pressure on your spine, try to provide it support.
  • Your Shoulders must be relaxed, and the part of your upper arms will hang normally on the side of the body. Your elbows will stay close to your body and may be bent around 100 degrees to 120 degrees.

Should my sit-stand desk be height adjustable?

It is essential that the height of the desk should be highly adaptable since you may like to stand and sit along with different postures while working. For instance, you would rather have a different adjustable height especially when you are reading or writing, on the other hand, another different height of a desk will also be required when searching on the computer.

Additionally, if your desk is being used by numerous persons, it will be highly essential to get a desk height that may be flexible to fulfil the height requirements and personal body posture preferences. Experts say that the height of these types of furniture should be around the range of 22.5″ to 47.7″ inches but eventually, the range will also depend on the users of the desks.

Considerations before buying a sit-stand desk:

You should think about these factors seriously when buying a sit-stand desk to not waste money.

  • The noise of the desk: If you like a desk and want to purchase it but suddenly you get to know about its noise level, that won’t be a good moment for you. Therefore, getting to know the product and your need is highly recommended. Some models of these types of desks produce a lot of noise and some don’t. You will have to differentiate between the models to get the best quality product for your daily usage.
  • Speed reading of the desk: If the desk consumes a terrible amount of time to shift from one mode to another, this won’t work out for you. The speed of the desk should be reliable and quick so as you click to shift, it shifts immediately.
  • Customization: Does my desk need to be equipped with privacy equipment or office-based stuff? So, the answer is yes, here comes the option of customisation with some models of the sit-stand desk. But they may seem costly, believe it or not, it’s a one-time investment. Otherwise, you may buy other economical desks, but they won’t be up to the mark. It’s important to make a decision that should be worthwhile in the long run and that you won’t regret afterwards. 
  • Electric or manual version: These desks come up with both electric and manual mechanisms. The manual desks will need you to operate them using your hands while the electric ones will be operated electrically. Whatever type of table you choose, be ready to deal with the level of noise, ease of use and speed foremost.


As all the important aspects of sit-stand desks are covered, now you may be able to make worth-buying decisions. Remember whatever type of furniture you choose, never compromise on your comfort, since when you don’t feel comfortable you can’t be productive at your work.

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