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Is 100 cotton sheeting good for your properties

Are you looking for the best sheeting fabric for your hotel or household so that you or your guest may enjoy a peaceful sleep? Yes??  Then cotton sheeting may probably be your preference. It is because cotton bedsheets are packed with the bundle of advantages other sheeting materials do not offer. 

Cotton is a natural fiber. It contains all the characteristics that make it the best choice for bed linens. Cotton fiber is durable and has a soft texture. When woven, it makes up a breathable fabric.  This fabric is hypoallergenic so it is great for people with sensitive skin. It has a moisture-wicking ability so it goes great for hot sleepers too. So, overall, cotton sheeting fabric is a reasonable choice no matter what type of property you possess. It feels great in all seasons and works well as hotel linens. 

But even though cotton, undoubtedly has a bundle of merits, there are various misconceptions and questions too. So, let’s dive deep and find out whether 100% cotton sheeting is good for you and your property. 

Merits of Cotton Sheeting 

As you read earlier that cotton bedsheets are packed with numerous advantages, let’s dig into these natural favors God has done to help us. 

Cotton Bedsheets Are Comfortable 

Cotton bedsheets are super comfy. Cotton sheeting fabric is cool and naturally soft. It feels soft on the skin so it is great for people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to allergies. Cotton sheeting fabric is made up of appropriate thread counts to make the bedsheets softer and comfier. Moreover, they are also finished using suitable commercial chemicals and softening agents to offer a more relaxing experience.  

Cotton Fabric is Breathable, Cotton is a breathable fabric. God has made it so. It keeps you cool in warm weather and offers a cozy & warm feel when the temperature is low. It ventilates and absorbs the body heat keeping you dry all night. This is why cotton is chosen by hoteliers because guests love cotton bedsheets as compared to polyester or microfiber sheets. Polyester or microfiber is a synthetic fiber that does not wick moisture and you wake up hot and clammy in the morning.

Cotton Sheets Are Durable 

Although cotton is not as durable as polyester, it is by far the most durable natural fiber. Cotton yarn is strong and makes up long-lasting and thick bedsheets. Cotton sheeting fabric can withstand frequent laundering and give you a maximum number of washes with no or less wear and tear.  They last long so households find cotton sheeting as the most durable and easy-to-handle fabric. 

Cotton is Hypoallergenic 

Cotton fabric is best for all skin types. People with sensitive skin are commonly prone to different allergic reactions and complain of rashes, irritation, redness or itching, etc. when they use bedsheets made of synthetic fiber. However, those who use cotton bedsheets never complain so because cotton sheeting fabric never develops or stimulates allergies. 

Is 100% cotton sheeting right for your properties?

Cotton, being the number one bedding fabric and the hotelier’s favorite sheeting linen has some cons. Everything that has merits has some drawbacks that may make it a shady deal. So, a wise purchasing supervisor must learn about a certain linen’s disadvantages, compare it with the best available substitutes, prepare a detailed cost vs benefit analysis and then decide whether it would be a feasible decision to buy cotton sheeting fabric for his property. 


Cotton is a natural fiber so it is not as strong as polyester. Hotel linens go through frequent institutional laundering. Several harsh chemicals and high temperature is used in the washing & drying process which may damage the pure cotton yarn. So, pure cotton sheeting fabric may lose its color, texture, or fresh look when being laundered. We believe that poly-cotton bedsheets are a reasonable substitute when it’s to choose the best cotton bedsheets for your properties. The poly-cotton bedsheets contain a reasonable blend ration of cotton and polyester which makes them stronger to withstand frequent industrial laundering and soft enough so the guest may enjoy a good night’s sleep.  

Cotton sheets Shrink

Cotton bedsheets have a natural property to shrink. Cotton substantially shrinks when it goes through temperature during the washing or drying process.  The pre-shrunk cotton sheets are under about 5% shrinking while those that are not pre-shrunk undergo up to 20% of shrinkage. This is a matter of concern for hotel owners because this is how bedsheets lose their length and fresh look. Sometimes the housekeeper needs to replace them with new sheets because they can’t cover the bed. This is a major disadvantage of 100% cotton sheets which may shake your confidence while choosing cotton sheets. 

Cotton is not a wrinkle-resistant fabric 

Pure cotton i.e. 100% cotton fabric is not wrinkle-resistant. The bedsheets undergo deep wrinkles when they get dry. The wrinkles can only go away by ironing or treating the bedsheets with other special processes while comparable bedding fabrics like polyester or poly-cotton blends are wrinkle-resistant. Ironing a huge volume of sheets is a hassle for a housekeeping supervisor. It not only engages manpower but also costs hotels in the form of electricity bills.


Cotton has remarkable absorbency. It can absorb water up to 25 times its weight in water. However, the drying time is long too. As it can absorb a lot of water, it also takes time to dry which is a matter of concern for housekeeping supervisors. 


To those who are looking for a pure-cotton substitute out there, we would recommend poly-cotton bedsheets. Poly-cotton bedsheets are a useful alternative to cotton bedsheets. These bed sheets are made using a thoughtful blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton, with its virtues, makes a super-durable blend with polyester and proves to be an outstanding cotton sheeting fabric for hotels and households. 

DZEE Textiles make poly-cotton bedsheets that pass the test of time. Our sheets are long-lasting and durable. They offer a maximum no. of washes so you don’t need to replenish your inventory time & again. Our bedsheets are wrinkle-resistant. They do not develop deep wrinkles like the conventional thick cotton sheets but have the same luxurious and crisp texture, pure cotton sheets are known for. Moreover, our poly-cotton bed linens are moisture-wicking so they keep your guests comfortable and dry all through the night. Their quick-drying ability adds great value for money at a competitive price.  

Summing Up 

Cotton sheets are true, a good buy but some of their flaws can make the deal shady. A Hotelier must take a rational decision and choose to buy cotton blends that are comfortable yet durable and contain all other characteristics that they seek for their properties. So, check out the latest collection of DZEE Textile’s poly-cotton bed linens to upgrade your rooms and enjoy an edge in customer experience along with a favorable decline in your annual linen spending.

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