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Iranian Music Virtuoso Reza Tajbakhsh Unveils ‘Chikology’ and Pioneers the Future of Music Education with ‘Yar’ Academy

Reza Tajbakhsh

Reza Tajbakhsh, renowned Iranian pianist and prolific music creator, has once again proven his profound musical prowess with the announcement of his upcoming album ‘Chikology.’ The first single, released in 2021, provided a tantalizing taste of what fans can expect from the complete album set for release in 2024.

Tajbakhsh, known for his mastery over Latin Jazz, is extending his musical boundaries with ‘Chikology.’ His creations are backed by the collective genius of renowned musicians including Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, Bill Evans, and Al Di Meola. “Chikology is the pinnacle of my work,” stated Tajbakhsh. “Collaborating with artists of such high caliber, who are also icons in the music world, has been an enriching experience that elevated this album to an unmatched level of excellence.”

Simultaneously, Tajbakhsh is dedicating his passion for music to the cause of education. In 2021, he co-founded ‘Yar,’ one of the most luxurious piano academies in the Middle East, with his friends Amir Motamedi and Yalda Samadi. The academy located on Fereshteh Street in Tehran is an epitome of modern aesthetic and traditional methodologies. It offers a high-quality learning environment, fostering an accessible and top-tier musical education for more than 400 students under the guidance of experienced teachers specializing in diverse piano styles.

Tajbakhsh, the manager of ‘Yar’ academy, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Despite establishing ‘Yar’ later than initially planned, I find immense joy in being able to share my experience and knowledge with budding pianists. The reception and success of the academy only prove that our mission to provide top-quality piano instruction was a need of the time.”

Born on November 18, 1981, in Tehran, Reza Tajbakhsh’s love for music led him to start his unofficial activity from 1990, playing the piano. In the early 2000s, he stepped officially into the music industry, serving as an orchestra leader for popular pop singers inside Iran. His work with his band ‘E-Jazz,’ specializing in Jazz-Latin performances, is highly celebrated.

Tajbakhsh’s rich contributions to the music world have not gone unnoticed. His recognitions include being the guest artist in Symphonic Orchestra, the Best Piano Player in 2012, and the Best Pop Music Arranger in 2013. With each accolade, Tajbakhsh’s commitment to creating resonant music and contributing positively to the music industry has only deepened.

With the release of the single from ‘Chikology,’ Tajbakhsh has set high expectations for the album. The rich combination of Latin jazz with global musical influences is a testament to Tajbakhsh’s versatile musical abilities. The collaborations with famous musicians, like Dave Weckl and John Patitucci, have brought unique dimensions to the album, marking it as a project that resonates with Tajbakhsh’s innovative spirit.

Meanwhile, ‘Yar’ academy stands as a testament to Tajbakhsh’s dedication to music education. The success of the academy within a short period shows the growing demand for high-quality piano education in the region, further fueled by Tajbakhsh’s leadership and vision.

In this juncture of musical exploration and the pursuit of quality education, Reza Tajbakhsh stands as an icon of the global music industry. As he continues to create enchanting music and foster the future generation of musicians, Tajbakhsh’s influence on the music world is unquestionable.

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About Reza Tajbakhsh: Reza Tajbakhsh is an acclaimed Iranian pianist, musician, and music educator. His innovative contributions to Jazz-Latin music and his leadership role in the Iranian music industry have left an indelible mark on the global music landscape. His dedication to fostering young talent continues to influence the next generation of musicians.

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