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InvestPoint Review – Connecting You to Diverse Assets

InvestPoint Review - Connecting You to Diverse Assets

The InvestPoint platform connects its users to different asset markets. This broadens their options and gives them a wide pool from which to pick assets for their portfolio. When you join InvestPoint, you get the support you need to trade assets in the markets and also move funds in and out of markets freely. InvestPoint also allows users to use various trading strategies to achieve set goals.

To get a better view of the pros and cons of the platform, we have put together this InvestPoint review. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the platform and how they affect you as a user. The platform has numerous features that offer great benefits, and there are also drawbacks that you might experience. Read more about the platform below.

Positives of InvestPoint

Portfolio Analysis and Tracking

Traders can track and analyze their portfolios and the assets within them. This tool is important for traders who want to improve their chances of building a decent portfolio. Furthermore, the data from the analysis will allow traders to know how effective their trading strategy is and what they can do to improve it. Additionally, it gives traders a clearer picture of their portfolios’ best- and worst-forming assets. The portfolio tracking tools ensure that users have the right trading data to measure their success or failure in the markets. Therefore, they will be able to get better outcomes from their trades in the future.

Zero Opening Balance

Traders are not required to deposit a set amount to create an account on the brokerage. InvestPoint differentiates itself from most brokerages in the market by allowing users to sign up with a $0 initial fee. With this “free” account, more users will access its service, and it will be able to gain more retail traders. This strategy ensures that the platform has a steady pipeline of retail traders signing up on the platform. By the time traders familiarize themselves with the platform, they can fund their accounts and start placing trades.

Diverse Assets and Markets

InvestPoint connects its users to various financial markets. The brokerage has a large pool of assets that traders can access. These assets are available to all users on the platform and ensure they have options when selecting assets for their portfolios. Users can purchase assets, including forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. These assets and many more will give traders a solid platform from which to build their portfolios. Furthermore, it will eliminate the need for users to have multiple brokerage accounts because they want access to more assets. InvestPoint makes it easy for traders to build the perfect portfolio by connecting them to all the assets they will ever need.

Purchase Fractional Asset Units

Sometimes, users do not have the money to purchase an entire unit of an asset. Other times, users want to test a trading strategy regarding an asset and do not want to commit plenty of funds to the asset. Whatever your need, InvestPoint allows users to purchase bits of an asset unit instead of the entire unit. Therefore, users can purchase assets for as little as $1 and add them to their portfolio. Users should note that this feature is available for all assets on the platform.

Drawbacks of InvestPoint

Not Available in All Regions

The InvestPoint platform is unavailable in all regions as only specific countries can access the service. Although the platform is ever expanding, it is not universally accessible to users. Therefore, you will need to confirm if your country is covered by the platform before you attempt to sign up. To do this, you must visit the brokerage website to confirm the list of countries covered. Traders in areas not covered by the platform are advised to wait until their area comes under coverage. InvestPoint provides many features and perks unavailable on other platforms.


InvestPoint is a top choice among traders because it gives them access to various markets. If you need access to multiple markets and the ability to buy as much or as little as you want of the asset, then you are in the right place. The InvestPoint website has more details on the brokerage.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content. The presented material by no means represents any financial advice or promotion. Be sure to do your own research and acknowledge the possible risks before using the service of any cryptocurrency platform.

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