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Investors Underground Review

Investors Underground

We will go over all you need to know in our Investors Underground review so you can make an informed decision about the platform’s potential value to you. Let’s begin with the fundamentals and talk about the key features, pricing, benefits and drawbacks of the platform, and how to join the platform.

One of the largest and well-known stock trading chat rooms is Investors Underground (IU). Both seasoned investors and those just starting can benefit greatly from it in terms of knowledge, inspiration, and information.

The platform is home to several reputable day and active traders who regularly talk about several interesting topics. Nathan Michaud began work on the project in 2008. Nathan is still in the chatroom, and regularly posts watch lists, trading courses, trade alerts, and other materials.

● Nathan Michaud
Features ● Trading courses

● Trader chat room

● Mentorship

● Community

Best for
● Active day traders
Pricing ● $297 monthly or $1,897 annually

What is Investors Underground?

Investors Underground is a for-profit trading community with a powerful emphasis on technical trading that offers educational materials and discussion forums for trading strategies. Nathan Michaud, the founder of the platform is well-known on Instagram, Twitter and, now shares his lessons on the platform.


We will discuss some of Investors Underground’s key features in this section.

Chat Room

With contributions from seasoned day traders who frequently participate while trading, Investors Underground’s chat room has one of the biggest trading rooms accessible on the internet.

Three rooms—momentum, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and swing —of the chat room have different trading styles. However, momentum trading considers recent price trends’ strength, and is the focus of most Investors Underground content.

Video Lessons

Members of Investors Underground have access to more than a thousand video lessons covering trade recaps. For newcomers who weren’t able to follow the chat room discussion, being able to review and understand Nate’s trades can be incredibly helpful.

Visit the Investor’s Underground YouTube channel for more instructional videos. There, you can learn how to read Level 2 screens, spot bullish patterns, use VWAP strategies, engage in short sales, and avoid liquidity traps, among other things.


A Free Scan weekly free emails that include a trading lecture and a comprehensive stock watchlist are sent out on Sundays. The nightly watchlist is regarded as one among many of the benefits of a subscription to Investors Underground, providing members with more frequent updates. Instead of offering special recommendations for buying, advice is given based on potential occurrences.

Weekly Webinar

Additionally, subscribers can access a weekly webinar that goes deeper than the video lessons. The webinars include a good deal of time for questions and answers, making this a great opportunity to address the moderators directly. Additionally, to get a taste, you can view free webinars online or download the Spotify app to listen to Nate’s podcasts to learn more about his writing style.


When compared to some active trading platforms, Investors Underground is expensive. However, it also provides good value when you consider the benefits of the available materials and the emphasis on future learning instead of copying. A smart way to receive a 50% off is to sign up for a year. Be sure to look online for discounts, and deals.

The subscription, unfortunately, does not include access to training courses. However, there are “special” bundles that include access to Swing Trading, Tandem Trader, and Textbook Trading courses in addition to the elite subscription.

Although the trading platform does not provide a trial period, there is free trading training that provides an overview and a sense of the layout of the courses.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Due to the size of the community, there are a wide variety of discussions and advice.
  • Investors Underground is a highly transparent trading platform that verifies every trade made, including the losses. They take a straightforward and honest approach.


  • The cost is high, and membership is sold separately from the sale of courses.
  • Be ready to spend some time learning the lingo because the chat rooms can be fast-paced.

How To Register

Traders can access free video lessons, advice, and strategies by registering with their emails and requesting a free taster.

It’s incredibly simple to register and become a full member. Basic personal information and your mode of payment, which will establish recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, are all needed to log in. Additionally, this is always free to cancel.

Final Words

Rather than simply providing buy and sell signals, the highly regarded trading community Investors Underground centers on training traders on the fundamentals of making steady gains.

Before participating in the heated chat rooms, new participants should take the time to learn more about Investors Underground by using the educational materials provided. If you are ready to try out this platform, you can start here.


Is Investors Underground Worth It?

Even though Investors Underground is expensive, its products are practically unmatched in the industry. Because of its expensive nature, only serious traders interested in learning make it their home.

Is Investors Underground Real or Scam?

Nathan Michaud’s trading platform, Investors Underground platform is legit. It has garnered several positive reviews and ratings and the owner’s public-space reputation is a no brainer.

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