Investors’ Interest shift Towards Pullix, as it Rides to $5 Million in Presale – Meanwhile Monero (XMR) And Injective (INJ) Struggles for Stability

Meanwhile Monero (XMR) And Injective (INJ) Struggles for Stability

Following a month-long market downturn, Crypto investors are looking forward to more promising price movements in February 2024. This article examines the price projections for top crypto coins like Monero (XMR) and Injective (INJ). 

Meanwhile, Pullix (PLX), a new competitor, is advancing  in its ongoing Stage 7 presale, heading towards $5 Million in funding milestones. Given that it lives up to its promise, analysts foresee the native PLX token becoming a 15x token in 2024.

Monero’s (XMR) Path to Innovation. What does 2024 Have in Store For XMR?

There have been developments regarding Monero (XMR) token this year. Following this news, new features and upgrades like Feather Wallet 2.6.2 are now available on the Monero network. Users of Monero can now utilize an improved Feather Wallet, offering a more secure and seamless experience. As XMR develops its intuitive token options, the Monero community is optimistic that this advancement will aid the token to skyrocket.

In addition, Monero coin movement has fluctuated by 2.35%, ranging from $143 to $171 in the past month. Currently, XMR is trading at $168.8, and experts remain bullish as they forecast a surge to $170 within Q1 of 2024. 

Will Injective (INJ) Network Reach its One-Time High at $40 This Month?

Injective (INJ), a top crypto coin may soar to new highs, with its recent increasing trend. The injective price’s on-chart data is bullish, particularly given that it is circling an upward parallel channel and remaining within the support and resistance levels.

The injectable cryptocurrency has the potential to soar to new heights, reaching its one-time high of $40. Given that the token increased in value over the previous week, from $32 to $39, it may accomplish this. Moving forward, Injective Network comments that new financial advancements and dApps will be released as the year progresses, highlighting the ongoing endeavor to “BUIDL,” or construct the future of finance.

Pullix (PLX) continues to attract attention as investors rush to its presale

As a DeFi initiative, Pullix (PLX) is drawing interest because it has already given early investors a 150% return. The DeFi project is becoming more popular by the day as it aims to create an innovative hybrid platform, combining aspects of DEXs and CEXs into one. Among other things, token holders will have access to a platform with zero percent commission and trading fees.

Pullix will offer, among other things, high liquidity, and transparency, fundamentally altering how individuals approach the TradFi space. The platform will facilitate trading in commodities, currencies, equities, and ETFs, ensuring higher security and privacy levels. Users won’t have to go through any KYC processes, and deep liquidity will be provided for all assets. 

So far, more than 80 million PLX tokens, worth more than $4.8 million have been sold, whilst amassing over 15,000 users in the course of the presale. While the native token is strategically positioning itself among the best new crypto to invest in, it offers a 10% signup bonus to new users. 

At $0.10 in stage 7 of the ongoing presale, coupled with the token’s dynamic pricing model, the project currently provides a good point of entry for interested investors. According to analysts, Pullix is expected to soar by 50% in February, then soar by 200% after the presale and by an astounding 15x after launch. 

Looking ahead, participants can expect more ground-breaking features and opportunities as Pullix prepares for public launch in less than 30 days. Ultimately, Pullix’s unique initiative redefines how investors engage in the online trading market. Get ready for an exciting journey into what could potentially become the best crypto coin of the future! 

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