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Investors Flock To BlockDAG’s After $2M Giveaway Goes Viral, Is This Why Cardano & Dogwifhat Are Falling Behind?

Cardano continues to struggle with consistent underperformance and frequent rejections at the 200 EMA, yet there’s hope for a temporary uplift in its value. In sharp contrast, Dogwifhat has experienced a drastic fall, diminishing its initial allure significantly.

In contrast, BlockDAG’s $2 million giveaway has ignited significant enthusiasm, propelling its presales to an impressive $53.5M. This clever strategy and effective community engagement efforts have established BlockDAG as a leading contender, capturing investor interest and broadening its user community.

Dogwifhat Faces a 30% Drop Amidst Market Instability

Once praised for its meme appeal and swift rise earlier this year, Dogwifhat now sees a marked 30% drop since late May, pricing it near $2.44. It’s under heavy selling pressure, as shown by its continuous setting of lower highs and lower lows.

As WIF nears the crucial support level of $2.44, failing here could see it plummet to $1.93. Despite a high Greed Index and some optimistic predictions, the potential collapse of Dogwifhat hangs in the balance, reliant on either a bullish defence or facing a further downturn in its unstable market.

Cardano’s Price Outlook Amid Market Worries

Analyst Alexander Legolas comments on Cardano’s underachievement, observing that the altcoin cycle has yet to peak. He reminisces about ADA’s historical performance, hinting at a potential climb from $0.25 to $5.00.

However, ADA faces continued rejections at the 200 EMA, indicating a predominance of sellers and a possible breakdown as it approaches crucial support. Further analysis suggests ADA is in a strong downtrend but is currently oversold with an RSI below 30, which might indicate a potential for short-term recovery. The Cardano price forecast sets key support at $0.35, with resistance levels at $0.50 and $0.57.

BlockDAG’s $2 Million Giveaway: Steps to Participate and Win Big!

BlockDAG Network has introduced a $2 million giveaway to reward 50 community members with significant cash prizes. To participate, engage with social media, submit a wallet address, complete various quests, and invite friends to gain more entries. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced via BlockDAG’s platforms. The more activities participants complete, the greater their winning chances, fostering widespread participation and a celebratory mood within the community.

Central to BlockDAG’s strategy for community engagement is a 10% referral bonus, encouraging active involvement and organic growth. This approach helps build a sense of loyalty and collective effort, promoting sustained and lively community development and making members feel genuinely part of the project’s expansion.

Moreover, BlockDAG has enhanced its dashboard with new sections for announcements, rankings, top purchaser insights, and detailed transaction views. Improved personalisation features on the Profile page make navigation easier. BlockDAG’s social media outlets like Telegram, Discord, and the official website are crucial for staying updated on project progress and community events, helping users maximise their chances in the giveaway and remain informed about ongoing growth opportunities.


While Cardano grapples with recent underperformance and dominant selling pressure, the outlook for a brief recovery seems positive per the forecast. Meanwhile, Dogwifhat struggles to keep its early charm. In contrast, BlockDAG distinguishes itself with its $2 million giveaway, pushing its presale achievements beyond $53.5M. Currently in its 18th batch, BlockDAG continues to draw significant investor interest, proving its potential and influence as a top investment choice among altcoins.

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