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Investment opportunities in 2023: Real Estate

There exist various investment opportunities in real estate for consumers, beyond the traditional option of managing a property as a landlord. Additionally, modern business platforms have made it increasingly convenient to put money into a property without requiring substantial capital. Real estate investments often yield profitable returns, providing both rental income and appreciation upon the sale of appreciated property. Furthermore, it serves as a valuable portfolio diversification tool, as it is influenced differently than stocks and bonds.

Contrary to popular belief, the method is accessible to most individuals, yet it still requires:

  • significant time investments;
  • patience;
  • financial resources.

You do not have to choose to Sell My House Fast to invest or take a loan. There are many ways to start making profits from your real estate assets today.

A word about US economy

Initially, there has been a resurgence of high secular inflation after a period of 20 years, marking a shift from an era of price stability to a higher and more structural inflation. Additionally, deglobalization has become a tangible aspect of the global economy, as evidenced by Brexit, trade tensions, COVID lockdowns, and strategic risks associated with offshoring critical supply chains.

Finally, interest rates that are exclusively high for long-term deposits will be an inevitable third factor, as central banks utilize interest rates to curb inflation. Presently, inflation in the United States is at 6.5%, in contrast to the current Fed rate of 4.25%, indicating that interest rates are likely to remain elevated for a longer duration to close the gap.

Gather friends to buy a house

Crowdfunding in this context is a method that enables businesses to obtain funding from large groups of individuals through online platforms that serve as a marketplace between real estate developers and potential investors. In exchange for their input people receive periodic distributions.

It is important to note that not all real estate fundraising platforms are accessible to the general public, as some are reserved for accredited investors who possess significant wealth and experience. However, there are several less exclusive platforms that allow for small investments. With these platforms, investors can create an account and select a dedicated strategy based on their objectives, with brokers diversifying their funds across a range of investment funds.

Alternatively, investors can browse and choose investments themselves and monitor their progress through online menus. Despite their convenience, fundraising offerings carry significant risks. As private investments, they are not as liquid as publicly traded securities such as stocks, and investors should be prepared to have their funds tied up for an extended period. Some platforms recommend a minimum investment horizon of six years..

Trusts (REITs) and Partnerships (RELPs)

REITs provide exposure to the real estate market without the time and cost commitment of purchasing a property. These entities own, operate, or finance properties and real estate ventures similar to mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Investors can purchase shares of a REIT and earn a proportionate share of the income generated by the assets held in the trust.

RELPs also own a pool of properties but differ in their structure and organization. RELPs are a form of private equity and are not traded on public exchanges. They exist for a set term, typically lasting between 8 and 12 years, during which time they function like small companies.


Investing in real estate is a viable option for individuals who do not possess substantial financial resources. The key to success lies in the prudent allocation of resources and effective time management. One can consider investing in the aforementioned REITs and RELPs to gain exposure to the real estate market. It is imperative to stay abreast of current economic trends to make informed investment decisions and capitalize on favorable market conditions.

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