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Investing in Ukraine – challenges you might face when investing in the post-war Ukrainian market. 

Entering the Ukrainian market by a potential investor, in light of the realities of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, is fraught with risks and accompanied by a lot of information tasks. It is obvious that investors are waiting for the end of the war and the country’s reconstruction plan. Taking into account the all-round comprehensive support of Western partners, the Ukrainian market is expected to be attractive for private investors.

It is not worth saying that only the agricultural sector will be in favor. Super profits will be brought by the construction sector, the intermediary investment sector, the security business, and the block chain industry. Of course, the country of Ukraine will need not only builders and handymen but also intermediary specialists such as multilingual experts and analysts, as well as market issue managers. Along with challenges, the post-war Ukrainian market opens many areas for investors to make a profit and even build a big business. However, the main message will be as follows: it is necessary to be prepared for the post-war period and not allow fuss when making decisions in the current period of uncertainty.

Investing always involves risks and is accompanied by the need for lots of information. The “Sidcon” International Consulting Company”, having been in the Ukrainian and foreign markets of information and analytical services for 20 years, has gained unique experience and a high professional reputation in providing international organizations and foreign companies with strategic consulting, legal support for international projects, analytical reports on competitive intelligence, as well as recommendations for decision-making management and decision-making support systems in the field of ensuring security for a potential investor.

It is not a full, just basic range of information and analytical services for a potential investor planning to develop business in the Ukrainian market:

-Analysis of economic sectors, markets, and market segments; forecasting of industry development;

-Analysis of the investment attractiveness of particular branches of industry for a potential investor, assessment of risks, and prospects of entering the particular segment of economy;

-Development of a strategy for entering the particular segment of market;

-Analysis of the political situation in Ukraine and individual regions of Ukraine;

-Analysis of the business reputation of potential counterparties;

-Other analytical studies for assistance of the investor, which helps to objectively assess the situation in the industry, potential risks, and prospects for saving investor’s money and time. 

Our experts are competent in the analysis of all key sectors of the Ukrainian economy:

– agriculture sector;

– energy defense sector;

– mining industry;

– oil and gas production and refining;

– chemical industry;

– metallurgy;

– mechanical engineering;

– forestry complex;

– construction and building materials;

– land market;

– financial system;

– healthcare, medicine, and medical tourism;

– IT;

– other sectors of industries.

Reasons and advantages in favor of working with our company:

  • “SIDCON” has 20 years of experience, and its experts have more than 30 years of active experience in the field of analytical support for national and foreign investors in Ukraine and introducing foreign companies to the Ukrainian market while minimizing risks, and providing comprehensive security; 
  • multi-years’ experience in cooperation with foreign companies, holdings, and state corporations; 
  • the experts of “SIDCON” deeply understand the nuances of the situation in Ukraine (its regions, markets, business, etc.), the reasons and consequences of making certain strategic decisions in Ukraine, the specifics of developing business in post-war Ukraine, etc.; 
  • availability of a huge number of sources of objective information and unique technologies for processing information and conducting research; 
  • membership in international specialized security associations (World Association of Detectives, WAD), which for many years has provided us with a unique opportunity to access to foreign independent sources of information and conduct international research and investigations; 
  • systematic and integrated approaches to solving information and analytical tasks that provide the investor with understanding of the real, holistic, objective situation (in the market, in the political arena, and in a particular enterprise, etc.) and not only its elements; 
  • long-term experience of every year participating in investment conferences as well as training courses in the fields of risk minimization, integrated security, and analytical support for international corporations and companies.

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