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Investing all in business with Mario Selva

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Why do successful entrepreneurs keep getting more and more successful over time? The reason is that they are not afraid to invest all of their gains in their future projects. Mario Selva, a marketing expert from Italy, is a perfect example.

Selva dove into business immediately after graduation in 2017. He was passionate about exploring the online space and doing marketing. He first became involved with Amazon sellers. Things were going extremely well until the platform deactivated his account without providing any explanation. That’s when Mario knew that he needed to take matters into his own hands and invest in something else.

He started his own e-commerce business and, in 2018, went all-in. “I was just so fascinated by social media trends and algorithms,” he recalls, adding, “Facebook, Instagram, TikTok–they keep changing all the time and I love deciphering them. It’s fascinating to me. This is why I love marketing so much: it’s part sales and a large part of psychology. I love it.”

Selva’s e-commerce business was a hit. In only four months, he amassed $180,000, but what he did next was the crucial factor to his wealth today. “I made $180,000,” he explains. “About 25% of that was pure profit. So then, instead of spending, I invested again right away in my next e-commerce business. It worked.” It really did work, and more: Mario’s next business made him a whopping $1.5 million in only 18 months.

“My secret to success isn’t really a secret as much as it is discipline,” he says. “I study a lot. I read a ton of books and I follow other entrepreneurs that inspire me. This is why my business keeps growing; there really isn’t a magic pill for that.”

For Selva, investments aren’t just a matter of money. He invests in the people he surrounds himself with and follows teachers who inspire him. “I follow a few gurus that I like, such as Iman Gadzhi. I always keep up with the trends and am so excited to grow,” he shares. This is why Selva’s team members see him as a role model and try to emulate his success.

“I want to succeed in whatever it is that I do at all costs. There’s no such thing as quitting. That word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary,” he says. It is this kind of determination that is the recipe for success for the young Italian.

He finds inspiration everywhere around him, especially when traveling. “I love seeing new places. I dream of traveling the world because I always learn new lessons when I do. I apply those to my business. Inspiration is hugely important if you want to make it big.”

On the question of hiring a team, Selva believes that one should always surround themselves with like-minded people. “I currently have a team of two. They are fantastic people who are excited to learn and grow with me and that is priceless,” he says.

To learn more about Mario Selva, follow his Instagram.

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