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Invest in MetaFenixECO to Earn Regular Fixed Income

The crypto market has always been viewed as a high-profit investment option, with the value of cryptocurrencies soaring for the short term. But as you know, it’s not always sustainable for the long term, eventually the market can have a huge crash. Recently there was a wake-up call for many investors to review their investment strategy. This is where MetaFenix, an exclusive investment club that offers a utility NFT membership comes to your aid, by delivering regular and consistent returns on your investment, no matter how the crypto market performs. It’s like investing with a safety net that lowers the risk in the marketplace. 

Investors can select one of four MetaFenix  income programs. Once you purchase your program, the proceeds are invested into current and upcoming projects that have the potential to expand and deliver huge profit over time. The revenue is generated via key projects within the MetaFenixECO. Revenue is shared with current members paying a fixed income on a quarterly basis. Besides that, each member will receive a share of 20% profit that is generated by the MetaFenixECO. The profits are then equally distributed amongst the investors boosting your overall earnings. MetaFenix is simply showering their members with rewards.

MetaFenix is a fast-growing investment club working towards building a complete profitable ecosystem. Soon to launch their first round of Utility NFT memberships on 22nd July 2022. Currently developing a series of exciting P2E (Play to Earn) games so non-members can build wealth too. Also, the platform will consist of their own Real Estate assets to promote sales and rentals using crypto as a method of payment.

All four income programs offer lifetime royalties, high returns, and a basketful of additional benefits.


A fixed quarterly income of $500, a share of 20% of the profit generated by MetaFenixECO, 1200 $MFENX tokens, and a cool free Baby Fenix NFT. 


A fixed quarterly income of $350, a share of 20% of the profit generated by MetaFenixECO, 1000 $MFENX tokens, and a cool free Baby Fenix NFT. 


A fixed quarterly income of $250, a share of 20% of the profit generated by MetaFenixECO, 500 $MFENX tokens, and other exciting benefits. 


A fixed quarterly income of $100, a share of 20% of the profit generated by MetaFenixECO for a lifetime, and 200 $MFENX tokens.

If that’s not enough to interest you, bonus tokens will be airdropped to all the members just before the $MFENX launch in August 2022. Members start off with the Zeal income program, and later you can upgrade to a higher program that offers more income. It is an individual preference depending on the assets currently held, and the returns you wish to receive.

Apart from the membership, there’s also the option to earn exciting rewards with the P2E games via the MetaFenix platform. You can earn $MFENX tokens during the game and trade NFTs, purchase items, perform upgrades, store or simply trade the tokens via the exchange.

MetaFenix has some of the biggest names in the crypto industry joining the club, entrepreneurs, successful business owners and even celebrities. This is a great time to be one of the early members to take advantage of a valued Utility NFT. So, if you decide a low risk investment plan is for you, you can register on MetaFenixECO today! 

To find out more about MetaFenix, visit the official website:

Also, follow MetaFenix to stay updated with the latest developments and releases.




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