Invest in Innovative Eyewear, the Company Bringing Smartglasses Mainstream


You may have heard of smartglasses, but never tried a pair. That may change with the new Lucyd Lyte line of Bluetooth frames from a Miami startup called Innovative Eyewear. This team of tech entrepreneurs has been researching and producing smart eyewear for three years, and with their upcoming product, everyone will have a chance to try true tech-enhanced optical glasses for the first time.

Lucyd Lyte will offer something new in the world of wearables, a smartglass that looks, feels and functions like normal glasses or sunglasses. The team believes that for mass market adoption of smart eyewear, they must add useful tech features to comfortable, fashionable, prescription-ready frames. The geeky style and camera-laden goggles of smartglass products simply do not meet the basic optical needs of the average person, who require eyewear that is ergonomic, stylish and practical for all-day wear. Lucyd Lyte combines high-utility features like open-ear audio, one-touch voice assistant, and handsfree phone calls, with glasses that look sharp and meet the wearer’s vision needs. All day, every day.

The picture is of the upcoming “Moonshot,” one of several patent-pending styles of Lucyd Lyte, expected to release this September for $119 ($154 with prescription at To learn more about Innovative Eyewear, and how they are bringing smartglasses into the mainstream, visit their crowdfund at Any investment of $500 or more will include a free Lucyd Lyte, with prescription lenses if needed.

The Lucyd brand is promoted by Richard Sherman of the San Francisco 49ers, who is contracted to be the company’s spokesperson through 2021.

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