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Invacio Research Analytica to offer third-party access via API to AI-driven data analysing systems.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are seen as major resources that can be explored and exploited across most industries. Organizations across the globe are investigating ways in which to leverage the data they already have and improve upon their own services and profitability.

Many organizations are quite adept at generating and collecting data but really struggle when it comes to the ‘machine learning’ techniques and analyzing technologies required to sift and sort through it all. Working out exactly how to extract meaning and value from their data is a major headache for a lot of SMEs as well as large corporations.

Most organisations will turn to their internal IT departments (if they have them) to focus on this issue, in the widely held belief that “IT is IT” and that the people with experience in networking, hardware, CRM systems, and database management, will also have the requisite skills to construct the required systems to crunch through the data. Alas, that is not the case.

Although the ability to program and create elements of AI is not such a hard task to undertake in itself, knowing how it all applies within any particular dataset or mathematical model is much more than can be expected from anyone that isn’t specifically a specialist in the subject.

Once that is realized by management, they then look to recruit people with the relevant experience, and at that point, become aware of the high costs involved in employing an in-house AI team or specialist.

This disparity between the physical requirements and the fiscal costs involved results in either abandonment of the project or a need to outsource the required work.

Third party AI programming organizations are popping up all over, with offers to create bespoke algorithms or neural networks, but even those sometimes prove to be either too expensive or difficult to deal with as it still requires a certain amount of knowledge to instruct them as to specific requirements for any systems or programs to be created.

Invacio Research Analytica are looking to address this disparity through their application programming interface (API) service, coming online in 2019. Housed on their own HPC cluster in Thailand, Invacio’s systems are composed of multiple analytical modules that can extract and analyze data from virtually any kind of media available.

Offering access to preconfigured analytical models, as well as opportunities to custom,  configure modules, is our way of ensuring the known benefits of AI analysis can be used by any company that needs it, without the massive expenses that could be incurred.

In addition to the AI systems, Invacio has already launched a super secure ‘zero-knowledge’ communications system called Invmail (available – for free – in open beta now) and the same Zero-Knowledge technology will be used to support the social Relevancy division too.

Invacio recently launched their own cryptocurrency “Invacio tokens” (INV) are currently tradable on  Mercatox BTC and Mercatox ETH, Kanga, Idex, switchain eth-inv, Nebula and featured on Coin Market Cap They will be needed to pay for and access certain services from Invacio. More exchanges are planned.

Please contact Roger Baker via email for any inquiries or visit to learn more about their other divisions.

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