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Intuizi Vs Foursquare


All Intuizi’s data is encrypted, and no personally identifiable information is stored in the data. To preserve the consent path for advertising purposes, Intuizi has a patent-pending process that allows an advertiser to transact directly with the first party consent owner. Intuizi has all the location data that Foursquare does at a fraction of the cost. Intuizi has all the location data that Foursquare provides at a fraction of the cost. For example, Foursquare charges a fee for a single Brand point of interest (POI) Intuzi would give you access to the complete category similar at the same price.

No doubt connected TV (CTV) is the most popular channel in digital advertising, and it shares 13.41 billion of the advertising markets. CTV has become one of the business awareness tools that can drive a measurable ROI. CTV-based targeting using first-party data and third-party data can drive purchase decisions. One of the special perks of Intuizi is that it provides CTV-based targeting; on the other hand, foursquare does not.

Both platforms provide mobile location data, POI database, multiple POI for the basic price, and 1st Party Addressable IDs. Both allow the customization of POI input and uploading of audiences to 3rd party DSPs (Demand-site platform).

Intuizi and Foursquare offer sale attribution, marketing ROI, and data ingestion to data augment; however, Intuizi also offers Total Viewership Per Advertiser (CTV) and Credit Card Sales Uplift Analysis.

FourSquare does not provide insights about app download identification, the audience’s visiting occasions, cross-app usage, audience behavioral segmentation, trading area (peer group development), and analysis. Including all these insights that Foursquare can’t provide, Intuizi also provides insights and analysis about the trading area, cross visitation, customer retention, competitor conquesting, brand store visitations, and lifestyle profiling.

Intuizi also provides people counting and loyalty analysis of the video streams, enhancing viewers retention by giving more advanced insights.  Most businesses’ success is based on listening to their customers. Users essentially tell you what is important to them through their interactions and behaviors. Signals may make your interactions “smarter” by incorporating them into machine learning models. Smarter interactions improve the customer experience, resulting in higher revenue per session KPIs. Being a modern platform, Intuizi uses signals to improve conversions and to determine customers, while Foursquare doesn’t use signals. Intuizi processes more than 1 Trillion signals with an average of 80+ billion new signals every month.

The way of transferring data from a source to a landing area or object store, which may be utilized for ad hoc queries and analytics, is known as data ingestion. A basic data ingestion pipeline takes data from a source, cleans it up, and then writes it to a destination. Both Intuizi and Foursquare provide first-party data (such as loyalty DB, CRM, marketing data, media data, sales, and census data) ingestion services, but Intuizi’s prices are much more cost-effective.

Intuizi and FourSquare are also capable of white labeling, 3rd party data lake integration, and look-alike modeling. FourSquare doesn’t use data science and ad hoc analytics, while Intuizi data is compatible and based on AI, Big data, and machine learning.

Many platforms offer audience targeting, location, contextual targeting, and campaign reporting services, but only Intuizi provides a complete and cost-effective solution. Summing up all the above comparisons with FourSquare, Intuizi is the only platform that offers modern and extensive solutions that no other company can.

Compared to FourSquare, Intuizi offers nearly two times more services related to data marketing, audience intelligence, and behavioral insights at much lower prices.

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