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Introducing the New Website for Oh No, He Didn’t Candy – A Kees Group Company

Oh No He Didn't Candy

Wasilla, AK.  October 15, 2023 – Oh No He Didn’t Candy, a cherished confectionery brand under the Kees Group umbrella, is thrilled to unveil its brand-new website, meticulously designed and skillfully developed by the renowned team at timberRidge Solutions. This exciting development is poised to revolutionize the online candy shopping experience, providing candy enthusiasts and supporters of the Kees Group’s mission with an immersive and user-friendly platform.

A Sweet Tradition of Excellence

Oh No He Didn’t Candy, a Kees Group Company, is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to crafting the finest sweet treats infused with the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of New Orleans. With a legacy of over two decades in the industry, they have honed their craft, elevating the creation of pralines and brownies to an art form.

Chris Kees - The Kees Group

Chris Kees – The Kees Group

“Our sweets are more than just a treat; they are an experience steeped in love, tradition, and a dash of that special New Orleans magic. We wanted our website to reflect that experience, and timberRidge Solutions has helped us achieve just that,” says Chris Kees, owner of the Kees Group.

Elevating the User Experience

The new website for Oh No He Didn’t Candy has been meticulously designed to enhance the user experience. Its modern, intuitive interface welcomes visitors with captivating visuals that transport them to the heart of New Orleans. Navigating the website is a breeze, and customers can easily explore the extensive range of sweet delights, all available at their fingertips.

Elevating the User Experience

A Sweeter Shopping Experience

One of the key highlights of the new website is the seamless shopping experience it offers. Customers can explore a wide variety of products, from classic pralines to decadent brownies and even keto or vegan options. The website features detailed product descriptions and mouthwatering images, making choosing the perfect treat a delightful experience.

Empowerment and Inclusion

While Oh No He Didn’t Candy is known for its delectable creations, the Kees Group’s mission reaches beyond crafting sweets. It’s deeply rooted in a personal journey that Chris Kees, the founder and owner, embarked upon as a dedicated single father of two teenage boys, one of whom is autistic. Chris wears many hats – educator, business owner, and goodwill ambassador.

This venture was born out of love and necessity, aiming to provide his autistic son and others facing similar challenges with an opportunity to earn a living and acquire essential skills for independent adulthood.

“Our focus is clear: to use our business as a platform for empowerment. We’re on a mission to raise funds that will enable us to expand our candy business and, more importantly, to provide meaningful employment to individuals with special needs or disabilities who often struggle to find suitable job opportunities,” explains Chris Kees.

Supporting a Vision of Inclusivity

By supporting Oh No He Didn’t Candy, website visitors contribute to a vision of inclusivity and empowerment, one delicious bite at a time. The website prominently features a “Donate Now” button, inviting customers and supporters to participate in this inspiring mission through the Kees Group’s GoFundMe page.

Jessica Ridge: The Creative Force Behind the Website

Leading the charge in the development of the new website is Jessica Ridge, the owner of timberRidge Solutions. As a leading woman-owned enterprise, timberRidge Solutions is committed to elevating businesses to their full potential through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Jessica Ridge - timberRidge Solutions Owner

Jessica Ridge – timberRidge Solutions Owner

Jessica Ridge is a renowned digital marketing figure with over a decade of hands-on experience. She and her team at timberRidge Solutions have consistently delivered results by pioneering effective strategies that resonate with target audiences. Their partnership with the Kees Group exemplifies their dedication to crafting unique, data-driven campaigns that reflect brand values and speak directly to customers.

A Showcase of Digital Marketing Expertise

The new website for Oh No He Didn’t Candy showcases timberRidge Solutions’ digital marketing expertise. It seamlessly integrates various elements of effective digital marketing, from engaging content marketing to captivating email campaigns, geofencing to boost marketing strategies and compelling graphic design that breathes life into the brand.

Keyword targeting and search engine management are vital components of the website’s optimization, ensuring it effectively reaches the target audience. The site also underscores the importance of local and organic SEO, enabling the Kees Group to expand its online presence and reach even greater heights.

A Portfolio of Success

timberRidge Solutions’ impressive portfolio of website projects includes empowering businesses to soar above their competition. The website proudly displays a collection of captivating projects, such as the Alaska Speed Week Website, Fly Around Alaska Website, Matanuska Diesel Website, Mae Wright Real Estate Website, Crown Mountain Guides Website, and Ninety Apparel Website Redesign.

Trusted Partnerships

Among the many achievements of timberRidge Solutions is forming solid partnerships with exceptional businesses. The website showcases some of these valued partners who have entrusted timberRidge Solutions with their digital marketing needs.

Insights and Expertise

In addition to showcasing its projects and partners, timberRidge Solutions offers valuable insights and expertise through its blog. Recent articles cover topics such as the importance of personalized solutions in digital marketing, unlocking the power of social signals for SEO, and practical strategies for cold email campaigns.

timber ridge

Connecting with timberRidge Solutions

Contact information is readily available on the website for those interested in collaborating with timberRidge Solutions or seeking their expert digital marketing services. timberRidge Solutions is more than just a marketing agency; they are a powerhouse committed to their clients’ success.


The launch of the new website for Oh No He Didn’t Candy, developed by timberRidge Solutions, is a significant milestone in the journey of the Kees Group. It enhances the candy shopping experience and reflects the Kees Group’s mission of empowerment and inclusion. As a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, this partnership between the Kees Group and timberRidge Solutions will leave a lasting impact on the confectionery and digital marketing world.

For more information and to experience the new website, follow this link.


About the Kees Group:

The Kees Group is committed to delivering sweet treats beyond the ingredients, infusing each creation with the rich traditions and vibrant spirit of New Orleans. With decades of experience and a genuine love for their craft, the Kees Group brings authentic taste to candy enthusiasts worldwide.

About timberRidge Solutions:

timberRidge Solutions is a leading woman-owned digital marketing enterprise with a decade of experience in the field. They specialize in crafting unique, data-driven campaigns that elevate businesses to their full potential.

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