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Introducing The Future Of The Music Industry – Public Pressure 

Future Of The Music Industry

It’s exciting to remember that we live in an era where the word digital disruption is not new. With technologies changing lives and marketplaces evolving at a cosmic speed, NFTs have reimagined a way by which music, art, literature, writers and artists can be valued for their creativity. An NFT today gives an artist the platform they need to sell their work, that otherwise would probably remain unseen. NFTs ensure that artists get paid a percentage everytime their NFT changes hands. As we know today, artists are more often than not, undervalued for their work, exploited for their art and some do not even see marginal profits when their work is sold or exchanged. Musicians have been vocal about larger platforms and labels undercutting their work with streaming services refusing to acknowledge the plight of the artist and the gargantuan effort it takes to produce a piece. Some artists, due to third party misrepresentation, do not even have the rights to a master copy of their own work. So how can we ensure that artists get their dues? How can we protect their rights and ensure that their work is valued? 

The answer is here: Public Pressure, a platform that is ready to revolutionize the music industry as we know it. Public Pressure is a European founded global NFT music marketplace. The company is powered by artists, labels, brands and superfans alike. This organization is focused on leveraging disruptive technologies by creating a sustainable economic model that seeks to revolutionize the music industry as we know it today. Public Pressure’s origin begins in the UK. What started out as an online magazine, founded in 2016 to support artists and labels in the face of a streaming industry turning music into a disposable commodity, is now a force to be reckoned with that connects thousands of artists across all genres. Set to launch in late 2022, Public Pressure is making us rethink what we owe to artists across the globe. The company’s easy to use digital ecosystem fuses the art world with new blockchain technology. Technology that’s making it easier for everyone to participate, no matter if you’re crypto-fluent or just starting off. With a goal to break down barriers for entry into the new digital ecosystem, Public Pressure doubles as a creative agency to conceptualize, develop and curate partnerships between artists and brands, and fans alike. helping artists and brands to create and distribute NFTs to both superfans and collectors. Through years of experience engaging with creatives and music fans via UK-based Public Pressure Online Magazine, the revolutionary platform specializes in Web3 music products and formats including audio NFT’s, video NFT’s, and collectible NFT’s.

As Public Pressure gears up to change the game, we can’t help but wonder if we are going to witness the new Italian Renaissance; an era with the rebirth of music, art and literature and a new world where the art is revolutionized and the artist is valued. 

This decentralized community is founded by 4 thought leaders from the unique creative industries that Public Pressure intersects, including Sergio Mottola, former chairman and CEO of the Republic of San Marino Innovation Institute, where Mottola led San Marino’s national blockchain strategy and legislative framework; guided by fashion business leaders like Giulia Maresca and Francesca Versace, as well as musician and record label owner, Alfredo Violante. 

Public Pressure is ready to take the music industry by storm… are you ready to witness the evolution?

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