Introducing the Aibot Collection: AI-Generated NFT Art Showcasing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

[April 2023, Emmen, NL] – MechAndCheese is proud to present the innovative Aibot collection, an extraordinary showcase of Artificial Intelligence (AI) potential in digital art creation. As a single individual inspired by the world of AI-generated art, MechAndCheese harnessed the power of AI to generate 1000 unique Aibots in 12 different species, each boasting its own distinct style – all in a remarkably short span of time.


The Aibot collection offers a glimpse into a futuristic world where people, robots, and AI work together to create the perfect AI assistant. The Aibots are designed to fulfill every human need, from financial management with Aibot-Gold to health support with Aibot-Heal and home protection with Aibot-Guard.

MechAndCheese began their journey in February 2023, using AI to create visually stunning and thought-provoking digital art. Despite having no prior experience in AI, MechAndCheese quickly grasped its potential and crafted the first Aibot, embarking on an ambitious project to generate 1000 unique Aibots. AI’s incredible capabilities allowed MechAndCheese to complete the entire project single-handedly in just a few short weeks.



One of the key aspects that made this project possible was the use of Chat GPT, which MechAndCheese employed to generate names and descriptions for the Aibots. This collaboration between human creativity and AI-generated content helped perfect the project, demonstrating how AI empowers individuals to accomplish feats that were previously only possible with a team of creators.

The Aibot collection is now available for purchase on OpenSea with a floor price of 0.012 ETH. In addition, a limited edition “Aibot Omnibus” piece is also available, featuring all 1000 Aibots arranged in a mesmerizing spiral pattern. With only 10 copies for sale, the Aibot Omnibus is a celebration of the power of AI to transform our lives and a glimpse into a future driven by technological progress.

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