Introducing Smart Contract to Healthcare by Robomed

A smart contract is a protocol intended to simplify, verify and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract that can be used in many fields of humankind. It makes dealing with two parties easier, clearer and much more obvious. That is why medicine is definitely the field where the smart contracts are supposed to be brought in. That is the solution Robomed Network is coming to the healthcare market with.

What is Robomed Network?

Robomed is an innovative medical network oriented on patients, medical providers, and their common convenience. Using Robomed EHR (Electronic health record), it allows connecting and managing a medical organization cooperation based on Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. The smart contract transparently monitors all processes of interaction with the patient, the metrics of effectiveness and impression of the patient from interaction with the provider of medical services.

How will the smart contract work?

Let us imagine some health problem occurred. How to be sure that you will be healed in a proper way and won’t waste the precious time, money or even risk your life on the way to cure?

An answer is a smart contract. Whenever the patient needs, it is possible to apply to Robomed Network and sign a smart contract – a guarantee that the diagnostics and the healing itself will be performed according to the world acknowledged clinical guideline, which is being constantly improved and updated by leading the medical community. The payment will come to the clinic in case the guidelines are accomplished, otherwise – money will return to the patient.

The patient can contact any clinic connected to Robomed Network directly or by means of special applications – Robomed Mobile or Robomed Web. Robomed Mobile allows receiving telemedicine consultations, appointments and much more. Robomed Web is the desktop version of Robomed Mobile, allowing using the benefits of Robomed Network on a computer with no need to download any additional software.

The primary regions for Robomed Network are Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, CIS, Arabian World and Africa regions where access to qualified medical professionals is limited and the market for out of pocket expenses is worth $800 billion a year.

Though it doesn’t mean that the network won’t be expanded worldwide or the number of specialists will be limited. Moreover – the patients themselves will have an option to provide their medical data anonymous to medical centers. And get a reward in Robomed Network tokens for their information contribution.

What about the result?

The ICO of Robomed Network is over and the project itself is currently on beta-testing stage and is being checked in several clinics already connected to the system.

More specialists are implemented to verify and control the system working properly. Robomed Network is aimed directly for the result a smart contract can provide to medicine: the insurance of patients healing and satisfaction.

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