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Introducing $OFCL – A marketplace to buy and sell NFTs

$OFCL is the native utility token of the OfficialNFT® platform. The token facilitates payments within the OfficialNFT® marketplace, allowing users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs and other goods or services. The $OFCL Token will also grant creators and brands the chance to greatly reduce minting costs and access the extra features of the OfficialNFT® platform. Below are some of the use cases for $OFCL:

Discounts when purchasing NFTs on the platform

Possessing a specific amount of $OFCL tokens guarantees eligibility for NFT discounts. Besides saving the buyer money, the token helps one to access specific privileges when buying NFTs. Furthermore, with deals, the seller will be able to issue their NFTs on more favorable terms. 

You can Buy/Sell OfficialNFT®s with $OFCL token

While on the platform, buyers and sellers can trade using the $OFCL token. Buyers and traders using the token can enjoy various perks. Artists holding the $OFCL token pay lower minting fees. Holders of the token can purchase special status on the platform to activate extra features, including premium placements of the NFTs they are minting and advertising space.

OfficialNFT® will incrementally detail the array of solutions that are supported by the token during the development of the platform.

$OFCL Token Pre-Sale is live now and limited to 1,500,000 tokens. The lowest discounted price that will be offered is live now until August 9th.

About OfficialNFT®

OfficialNFT® is a seamless marketplace that allows creators and customers to buy and sell NFTs quickly. Individuals, brands, and entities create a profile in the market, connect their crypto wallets, and start managing their NFTs.

The platform offers solutions to multiple challenges that users of NFT markets encounter while using the currently available tools. Until recently, a typical NFT market focused on arts and memorabilia from celebrities and big corporations. Under this scheme, many eligible players are left out. This is the bridge that OfficialNFT® has set out to build.

The platform offers a variety of NFT solutions, such as art, censorship-resistant names, and proof of authenticity. Everyone can participate and reap the benefits of OfficialNFT®.

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