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Introducing Hazarat, an online gaming website

The online gaming industry has changed in Iran since 2017, at This year, the greatest ever website, Hazarat, in this section has started its activity, and ever since then, it has become one of the best game providers worldwide. This website has done such a great job that even its competitors have announced that Hazarat is our role model, and they have tried to intimate its business model on their own website as well. one of the most well-known influencers of Iran social media, Pouyan Mokhtari started this fabulous website. Now it is not only the most fantastic website in Iran, but it also offers services to international users as well.

Pouyan Mokhari, who has more than 5m followers on Instagram in 2017, announced that he has proudly established his first online gaming website, which provides all the sports games to all users. He encouraged them on his Instagram and youtube live to start gaming in Hazarat so, and by doing that, they could have a great time with their friends. Even though Mokhtari was mainly known as a folkloric singer, many people trusted him and started playing on his website because of his previous works in other businesses. This website divides into two parts; first, it provides sports games such as online fantasy leagues in all sports, and the second is the free virtual games, considered the first free-to-play gaming platform for Iranian players. 

Who is Pouyan Mokhtari?

Pouyan Mokhtari is one of the greatest and most well-known folkloric singers in Iran, and as a result of his reputation, he has always been considered one of the most notable online influencers on Instagram. He started his career in Iran as a singer; however, since being a singer does not earn him loads of money, he also decided to look at other options. His first business idea was creating a gaming website, and in doing so, he has done a tremendous job. 

After becoming successful in this path, he decided to establish his other business idea, entering into the clothing industry. He introduced his products with the brand name Lola Lords, and soon it became a catching name among Iranian luxury people. Now Mokhtari is one of those celebrities with multi-business ideas who try to expand his ideas and reach his dreams. Once, he considered himself the embodiment of his father’s achievements and to do so he has made many efforts.

Games on the Hazarat website

When Hazarat started its activity, not many websites provided free online games, and Hazarat was the first website that provided that kind of service to its users. The first type of games provided on this website was online virtual games and then established its own fantasy league as well, which is a catchy game worldwide. Hazarart was the first Iranian website that created a multi-sports fantasy league, making them one of the unique websites in the gaming industry.    

The Crash Game on Hazarat’s Website

Over the last three years, Crash has consistently been named the best online game in Iran. This vital event resulted from two things; first of all, the nature of  Crash was somehow eye-catching and made players play it or at least try it once. The other reason was that Hazarat was the very first platform that provided this game to its users. Nevertheless, the real question is, what is the Crash game?

The short answer to this question the Crash is a game of numbers. This game provides random numbers, and this happens based on a mathematical algorithm. The players’ task is to determine at which point the game will stop creating numbers, and if they can not predict the last number, they will lose the game. It might seem a very dull and easy game to play however when players do this game based on Hazarat’s gaming model; it becomes one of the most thrilling games in the digital environment. All these properties are the real reason why Hazarat has become one of the most trustworthy websites in Iran and, as of today, decided to expand its business horizons to other countries as well.

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