Introducing FashionTV blockchain app and FTV Coin Deluxe for models and affluent individuals

You must have heard of the blockchain technology, right? And how it has been able to crawl its way into many areas of the world? Well, it’s not done yet as FashionTV is bringing this unique technology to the fashion world.

FashionTV’s Decentralised Platform

FashionTV, with its over 1 billion viewers around the world, announced its debut in the world of the blockchain technology. Why? To spice up the fashion industry. The international lifestyle and fashion broadcasting station is developing a platform operating on blockchain that will empower upcoming models with the right tools and techniques to break into the fashion industry while eliminating the need for middlemen like modeling agencies that are presently in charge of a huge part of the trade.

However, the platform will not just focus on up-and-coming models, it will also stand to serve affluent people in the society. Using the platform’s utility token known as FTV Coin Deluxe, these individuals will gain special access to lavish products and services that will adequately meet their high standards.

Why the Blockchain Technology?

FashionTV has noticed how exploitative and extremely difficult it is for upcoming models to break into the fashion industry. Networking with the appropriate individuals and trying to get sponsors within the fashion business can be a bit strenuous and demanding, which has left a lot of models just starting out in the hands of the aggressive powers in the industry. This is also coupled with the fact that some talent agencies might not be loyal to their word, and might sometimes charge outrageous commission fees. But FashionTV has found a way out with blockchain.

Using the blockchain technology, FashionTV vows to assist upcoming models and newcomers in other industries break through these punitive obstacles and provide them with unique ways that they can carry out monetization, while at the same time getting rid of middlemen. With the smart contract feature of blockchain and the FTV Coin Deluxe, a fair chance to become a top gamer in the fashion industry is now open to every model.

Benefits of FashionTV’s Blockchain Platform

Registering on the FashionTV platform will give models access to an F wallet, which will give them the chance to:

  • Equip themselves with a QR code, customized FashionTV email address, and a business card.
  • Contend with the top names in the modeling industry.
  • Directly interact with sponsors.
  • Exchange FTV tokens for extravagant goods and services on the FashionTV e-commerce marketplace.

With FashionTV’s years of promoting awesome goods and services, the platform will provide a wallet where the FTV Coin Deluxe can be stored, which grants users access to:

  • High-class offers and discounts
  • Voting on real and virtual model competitions
  • Order for exclusive concierge with deductions on some locations.

Early adopters of the platform will be able to get the FTV Coin Deluxe during the presently running pre-sale that is scheduled to end on May 15, 2018. This will be followed by the ICO that will begin that same May 2018.


The world of cryptocurrency has advanced so much that it is now no longer just for the tech fanatics. It has become a mainstream and coupled with FashionTVs present in the fashion community, luxury and class are being introduced to blockchain. The platform will empower up-and-coming models with the right tools and ways to break into the fashion industry. Blockchain is about to be featured on the runway!

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