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Introducing DoubleIT – A Fun P2E Gaming Community for Gamers to Play and Earn Crypto

DoubleIT is an upcoming Play-to-Earn mobile gaming community that incorporates NFTs and the Metaverse for gamers to play and earn real prizes and crypto rewards. The team will soon launch an IDO for their native token – $DBLIT – based on the BNB Chain platform for fast transactions and lower fees.

Have Fun, Play Games, and Earn Real Prizes

Earning passive income from playing mobile games might have seemed like a pipe dream not too long ago, but now it’s possible with DoubleIT. The platform gives gamers the ability to rack up rewards while playing different games, allowing them to make money while doing what they enjoy most. Those who jump in early will enjoy playing games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, FIFA 22, with more games added on a regular basis. Moreover, the games are available on PS, XBOX, and PC. Mobile support is coming soon.

In addition, DoubleIT allows users to build overpowered characters and weapons within the app. Then they can choose to trade those characters for real-life prizes or sell them for real-world currency. DoubleIT is putting gamers first and is allowing them to take part in the metaverse economy and connect with other players across the globe. 

When you join DoubleIT, you’ll start with a newbie character and guide it through various games. Each level you complete, upgrades you make, and tournament you win will give your character in-game bonuses. Those bonuses increase the value of your NFT dramatically. You could then transfer that character to another game or sell it to another player at a profit. This ensures that you’re not just buying a game and pouring time into it. You’re making a genuine investment and having fun with it at the same time.

Users will also earn extra rewards for inviting others using their unique invitation code. Invite your friends to play alongside them, compete against other players, or simply sit back and chat with other players.

DoubleIT Native Token

$DBLIT is the native token of the DoubleIT ecosystem. A BEP-20 token developed on the BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain (BSC)). It is used to buy games, build in-game characters, upgrade profile levels, and power other in-game activities. Users will also redeem points in $DBLIT, which they can exchange for real-life rewards such as gaming gear, consoles, PC accessories, clothes, gift cards, etc. Alternatively, users can stake the tokens in one of the various staking options to earn additional rewards.

With the growth of the community, the demand for $DBLIT tokens will increase. Consequently, their value will be stable over time, ensuring early investors reap high returns.

The IDO token sale will take place in several stages. There will be three pre-sales, followed by a public sale. More information about the dates for each sale will be announced through the official DoubleIT social channels.

DBLIT Mobile App

Currently, the project is in its early stage of development and roadmap. While you can begin minting your tokens through the whitelist pre-sale, the mobile app won’t launch until later on. You won’t be able to take your newly minted DBLIT tokens and start playing immediately, but you will have a reserved spot when the app goes live. On day one of launch, you can log on and start playing to earn rewards and win prizes before everyone who waited. So, head over to the DoubleIT website and fill out the form necessary to hop on the exclusive whitelist.

Built by a Talented Development Team

Last but not least, DoubleIT is formed and developed by experts who have experience in Blockchain technology and game development. They’ve meticulously designed the platform from the ground up to enhance your gaming experience and make it simpler to earn rewards and prizes for your gaming activities.

To learn more about DoubleIT, visit their website or check out their official channels listed below:

Discord –

Telegram –

Twitter –


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