Introducing DexMex, The First Decentralized Exchange Based on Uniswap

DexMex is the first decentralized exchange based on Uniswap to offer peer-to-peer leverage trading on any ERC-20 token. While decentralized exchanges hit about 50 billion every month in trading volume, leverage and short trading are pretty underdeveloped. Similarly, leverage trading is not popular in decentralized exchanges; instead, it has its rooting in a centralized exchange, notably Bitmex and Binance, with monthly trading volumes of more than 100 billion monthly. 

DexMex is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to go long or short of any ERC20 token just as they like. The exchange goes to greater lengths to solve the major challenges facing centralized exchanges, including compromised privacy plus subjection to various laws and external regulations. 

Being a decentralized exchange based on Uniswap, DexMex solves the challenges seen in centralized exchanges. It allows users to seamlessly open long or short positions with leverage for any token on Uniswap. The exchange is based on the Ethereum network and can support instant withdrawals and deposits.   

How is DexMex Different from Other Decentralized Platforms? 

DexMex is the only decentralized exchange that offers leverage trading in a peer-to-peer format. DexMex debuts an entirely new concept of decentralized exchange in the crypto space by integrating peer-to-peer trading with leverage.

The exchange rewards users directly with the value of long positions. Since its peer to peer leverage trading, the winning positions are rewarded by the losing positions in an automated and direct way. 

This is achieved via implementing a ratio between the short interest of a token and the long interest of the same token. Leverage is then updated every time a user withdraws his holdings or gains. Everything is done continuously on the Ethereum blockchain. There is no absolute need for borrowing the token to short or long it. 

Benefits of DexMex 

    • Flexible- DexMex is 100% decentralized enabling traders to open a long or short position against any token listed on Uniswap. DexMex offers infinite flexibility allowing any token on Uniswap to be short or long. 
    • Peer to Peer Leverage Trading- DexMex doesn’t rely on liquidity providers to support leverage trading. Instead, the platform leverages a ratio formula where losing positions reward the winning positions directly. As such, the platform is overly transparent, with no central authority to oversee leverage trading as with centralized exchanges. 
    •  Liquidity Issues-DexMex doesn’t face any liquidity issue considering that the reward value of a user’s position is determined by a ratio between the interests of the shorts and that of the longs.  
    • Timeless positions- DexMex allows users to hold a short or long position as long as they prefer. Think of perpetual contracts on a centralized exchange. 
    • Low fees- DexMex charges one of the lowest trading fees in the DeFi space. The platform charges 0.8% trading fees to enter a position. There are no hidden commissions or funding rates. 
    • Total Privacy- DexMex ensures users’ complete privacy is kept. Users can directly trade with a MetaMask wallet. There’s no need for creating an account or verifying your identity via annoying KYC procedure.
  • Zero Borrowing- The DEX platform eliminates the need for borrowing as trader’s rewards are realized through losing positions. 
  • Token with Multiple Use-Cases- DEXM token, the exchange’s native token, contains different use-cases enabling holders to participate in governance activities, stake and earn ETH rewards, and also applicable during the buy back and burn procedure.

Final Remarks on the DEX

DexMex is an innovative decentralized exchange, first to support leverage trading on Uniswap. The platform eliminates the inefficiencies of trading derivatives on centralized exchanges allowing traders to open long or short positions on any token on Uniswap. 

Don’t wait for your favorite token to be listed on a CEX that supports margin trading. Sign up on DexMex and begin trading your preferred token with leverage right away.  

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